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Recommended styles for RM Williams extra wide chelsea boots

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I have a Singaporean buddy who has really, really wide feet. On a lark, he bought a pair of RMs, the only pair in extra wide in his size, at the Sydney airport and realized they fit really well.

I suspect he bought the Tambo in dark brown yearling (he left the box and lost the receipt).

He said the boots have rubber soles and do not say what width, which matches the Tambo, which only comes in extra wide. It looked like a wider chisel toe version of the Craftsman (so it looked a little blobby instead of sleek), which also matches the Tambo. He said the salesperson said the model he tried was the only one with that width and the Craftsman he tried was too narrow.

For what it's worth, he loves knowing its a wholecut and being able to pass them off as dress shoes while wiggling his toes a little in them.


1) He wants to buy 2-3 pairs more from Singapore. Which online retailer would work best for him and how should he handle shipping and customs to Singapore?

2) What three pairs (model, leather, sole) would you recommend to him? Does he need to place MTO orders?

3) How would you advise him to figure out his size? Should he stick to Tambos or would he be safe trying other models?

4) If he orders another Tambo, should he get a narrower size if the boot is in kangaroo leather? He says his little toes almost touch but do not press against the sides of the boots he has.

5) If he wants a pair in crocodile or ostrich, how should he order and should he have any worries about sizing? Anyone have any comment on the quality of RM Williams exotics both in terms of absolute quality and value for money?
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Does anyone know who might be good to ask about extra wide RM Williams models and quality?
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I own a pair of Extra wide RM as well in an X width IIRC. They are a pair of Queenslanders as they were the only one that came in the appropriate width. I did mine in a custom color (whiskey, which is a lighter brown).

Here's my post with more details from when I picked them up originally.

Edit: According to my original post both the Tambo and the Quesslanders come in the X width, but the Tambo is a more angular/squared last. I went Queenslanders because I like the shape of the more rounded toebox better.
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My buddy bought Tambos and only say "7" under the arch of the foot. I think that's because Tambos come only in one width, which is "X" or extra wide.

Does anyone know which RM Williams models come in "X"?

I understand there is a Tambo and a Comfort Tambo, which differs because the rest of the boot (not just the sides of the foot) is wider.

Do you need a different width for kangaroo skin?

Then there's the Queenslander; would the round toe make it fit differently? My friend says his little toes have made small bulges in the sides of his Tambos.

Do the Gardener, the Yard Boot and the Henley also fit someone who fits in Tambos? Does anyone know the difference between the Gardener and the Yard Boot; seems they would make good, rugged travel boots.
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