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Question to all Clark's Desert Boot owners: How shiny can you get them?

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1) How much can you polish/shine Clark's shoes. 2) How much does darker brown Clark's lose/change color over time.


Let me elaborate.


So I set out looking for a not too expensive Chukka style shoe that has the kind of color tone and shininess as this shoe in this picture: http://www.whattoweartoday.com/wp-content/themes/duotive-fortune/includes/timthumb.php?src=/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/551587_10151180891065610_994802356_n.jpg&h=480&w=960&zc=1&q=100


Right now I have the Clark's Original Desert Boot and the Clark's Desert Buschare sitting on my desk and I'm wondering which I should keep. Got them both for a good price. Talkin about these two (Buschare is the lighter one): http://i.imgur.com/tmLoPEL.jpg


I like the Clark's design in general and prefer the lighter/orange-like color of the Buschare version. What I don't like is how it dull/matte it looks. Almost like suede. The darker Originals are also pretty dull looking too.


....However, a google search shows some of these same shoes looking much shinier. I'm assume that they were polished to look that way.


I never shined or polished anything before.


So...research begins. I find this mink oil thing: http://imgur.com/a/AT7Xh . But wait, this "oil" just makes it look darker.

Same with this video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvVBBl1SYm4 .Go to the end. Buschare's really aren't looking much shinier.


Then i find this which is more like what I'm looking for: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Q5qCBQRewVY/UVVJJN-9EeI/AAAAAAAABBU/cLlKeJI2d4M/s1600/IMG_6722-small.JPG


I was suprised that these were actually the darker clark's originals. This guy documents the life of his clark's originals through a series of treatments with this thing called Obenauf's LP. They seem to get overall lighter in color over the years. These are all his blog posts of his Clark's shoes: http://goodyleathery.blogspot.com/search/label/Clarks%20Desert%20Boots


So, does the Darker Clark's Originals eventually lose it's color and look more like the initial lighter tone of the Buschare's?


Back to my original point, I don't care if it's the originals or the buschares. I just want them at some point looking like this color/finish: http://www.whattoweartoday.com/wp-content/themes/duotive-fortune/includes/timthumb.php?src=/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/551587_10151180891065610_994802356_n.jpg&h=480&w=960&zc=1&q=100


It's all kinda confusing looking through images because depending on factors like lifespan of the shoe, "oil" or "wax" treatments used, which version it is, photo lighting, sole replacements, etc... it's hard to gauge if the shoe is actually looks like that in person.

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By the way, is there a shine/polish that doesn't change the color of the shoe?

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Found this reddit post that sort of addressed this: www.styleforum.net/forums/posts/add/threadId/509823

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