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Hello! Need a good advice on Common Projects.

I ordered my first pair of CPs lows week ago. I'm something in between 41 and 42 in EU sizes with normal width, so I bought size 40 following a size down rule. Sneakers were good in length painfully narrow to the point when even loosed laces are quite short and every move in them was what I imagine Julia from Hellraiser 2 felt (see picture 1). Returned them and sized up for 41. They are more comfortable but a bit loose (have some heel slippage) and a bit long (good 2 cm free room from toe to end of the shoe, not sure if qualify as clown shoes, please see picture 2). They also squeak, so I try to break them in right now, but not sure how long does it take to break them in. This squeaking really annoys me. Due to a small bit loose fitting I thought about insole or thicker socks for winter. Thought about returning them, but to my surprise both Wings+Horns and Svensson use same sole as CPs, so no matter which alternative I choose fit wouldn't be right. And I dig dem gold numbers.

What should I do? Switch back to 40 or keep 41? I heard smaller size eventually streches out, but as narrow as it was I was afraid it wouldn't help me much. And silhouette would be ruined. 41 with insole should fit pretty well if this annoying squeak will go away after break in, will need to live with length I guess (if they aren't clown shoes as I think all the time). I'm 175 cm in height for record (yeah, manlet :( ).

Size 40:

Size 41 (sorry for ugly black sock, wear them at home trying to break in):