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Slimmer fitting clothes in general?

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Hi guys i'm new here and this is my first post and I might as well make it a meaningful one. I'm a pretty small guy (5'4) and weigh only 110..so yeah i'm small but anyways, I can get away with you know 28x29 pants Small or XS shirts and everything fits nice and fine. But it would be nice to know of some brands that make shirts generally a little smaller to get a nicer and tighter fit. Any suggestions?
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Dude, I'm the same as you. Of course I'm managing to put more weight onto my body (now bouncing between 125 and 130) but seriously, I hardly buy anything that isn't made-to-measure or outright bespoke because things just don't fit me the way I want them to. Even the Korean brands sell things that are too big for me, which is odd considering that the average Korean is smaller than the average American. And don't get me started on sweaters. hrhrhghllglgrhg I wouldn't know where to get fitted clothes outside of Dior Homme (like I could ever find it at discount.) I understand some companies are offering "trim-fit" versions of their clothes, but one man's trim-fit is another man's parachute.
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You should look at retro clothing like old vintage soft cottoned tee's: www.retro-clothes.co.uk
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I would look into French fashion designers, their clothes tend to be a bit more fitted. Also, check eBay for items you might like and take note of measurements for certain brands. You'll start to pick up on things and you can tell which designers haev what kind of fit. It was discussed a few days ago that Balenciaga is the slimmest fitting stuff ever. Also, Jil Sander, Helmut Lang, Costume National are forum-approved designers with slim fitting clothes. I think you should also reconsider if you really want that slim of a fit on things like dress shirts. T-Shirts should be slim, no doubt, but I have learned that despite my tendency to get the tightest damn fit ever, I have heard that I look much better in a slightly looser fit.
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Well I have no problem witht the tshirts, just the dress shirts. It just seems that everything is going towards more of a tighter fit (for my age at least, im only 18..) so when I put a small on, it just fits like a regular shirt, nothing special. I'll look into those brands, thanks for the suggestions.
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I feel the same way. It is difficult to find slim fitting clothes. Shirts: I have found that they cost almost the same to do the MTM than to buy them online. (for example, Slim Fit Brooks Brothers, is about 65. You can get mytailor.com for that ammount). Suits & Jackets: I am frustrated with those.
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