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Best overcoat for £300 in UK

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Hi everyone.


I am seeking advise on the best overcoat to buy with a budget of around £300 (about 550 usd). I am looking for something formal and good quality which will last for at least 3-4 years on daily wearing for 6 months a year.


Can i get a decent overcoat on this budget ? Atm i cant invest more than this. 


I am in the Uk, i have looked at department stores such as selfridges, house of fraser.


What do you all think of this : http://www.selfridges.com/GB/en/cat/hugo-boss-single-breasted-wool-and-cashmere-blend-coat_654-10164-50299824100/?previewAttribute=Black



Thank you for any help

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any help ?

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One that you like and meets your needs. There is no such thing as a "best" anything.
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Okay well I dont care about brands. I want a single breast, wool cashmere blend. Do you think I could get something better for the same money as the hugo boss one? Where could I look in the uk?
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There has to be army surplus stores in the UK with nice officer's coats.

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they don't seem to sell overcoats. Any other places in the uk?

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For around £300... Marks & Spencer

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Originally Posted by JHT652 View Post

For around £300... Marks & Spencer

thanks just checked. They dont have too many, they have something like this below the 200pounds price: 



and then they have something for 600 pounds lol:



do you think the first one is the same as the hugo boss one from the original post in terms of quality? Would one just be paying alot more because of the name ?



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after doing some more searching, I've found the following:


Lauren by Ralph lauren, worsted wool:



Lauren by Ralph Lauren, wool/nylon:



charles twrwhitt 90%wool 10% cashmere



t m lewin , 100% new wool



Ralph Lauren black label chesterfield , 100 % luxury wool 




Which one do people think i should consider ? Is the ralph lauren black label above the others in terms of quality ? Only cons are that i cant try most of them on except the ones from charles, m&s, and t m lewin.


If there isn't much difference in quality between all these overcoats in this thread, would it be wise to go the cheapest one for now and hope it lasts for a couple of years and then look at investing a larger amount for a higher quality product ?


opinions appreciated.

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Buy whichever you like and fits your needs and budget.

Post interminable links won't help you in the slightest.,
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