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Officewear slob needs help

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I have a reputation in my business-casual office of looking a bit scruffy, someone who most think "mustn't care about his appearance" (I actually do try!).


My workwear consists of a cheap packet shirt, £20-30 basic trousers and clunky but comfortable "practical" black shoes for my flipper feet. I am a bit stretched on money, but I would still like to look half-decent for once!

The biggest problem I have is trousers and shirts. I have a narrow 29-30" waist but a big butt (about 36-37" at widest!) - trousers that fit the waist are skin-tight on the butt and thighs, impossible to sit or walk in and make me look vacuum packed! So I have to resort for 32" waist which are comfortable but gape at the waist, hang off the butt like a towel off a shelf and are far from flattering. I've split a few in the rear so have constant paranoia when bending down, kind of puts me off fitted trousers!


I was thinking of investing in some black chinos like these Dockers, my thoughts being the thicker fabric could mean I could go a bit slimmer without fear or unintentional flashing! It is quite a casual office (most men wear trousers and a shirt or polo, rarely with ties), too casual though? Is the general rule navy = brown accessories, black = black, or can you wear black and brown (I have no clue). 


On the shirt front proportions are the killer. I have a very long (and skinny) torso compared to my short (29-30 inside leg) legs (I'm 5'11" total) so most shirts don't have much fabric below the belt and untuck themselves whenever I stretch or straighten up. Again with budget machine washable is pretty essential, I buy cheap shirts as I find my shirts fade and lose their shape so quickly, but I'd be willing to fork out more for something that washes well. 


Cheers for any help.

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Sounds like you need to go for MTM? I have shirts made 5 years ago that are still wearable.
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Black chinos have problems, including often fading prematurely. Black generally does not go with brown, at least not in the office. Navy can go with black or brown accessories.

As for the biggest problem, yes, that probably requires custom-made clothing.
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No one on this board is going to advise you to buy black chinos. Ever. In any situation. Truly one of the worst things to build a wardrobe off of.
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