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Thanks for mentioning the book! I had actually been searching online to find the name and where to get it So many,many thanks I think "man of the twentieth century" was an actual series I found a book at the library on an exhibition that featured several series of Sander's, and one of them was called this. and it was turned into "people of.." to probably encompass more of his works Regarding the film, I was disappointed too it seemed very short but I liked what he talked about in terms of clothes and why I did wish I could have seen more clothing construction going on, and also to see more of his old shows :-D I bet if they made a DVD of all of his runway shows to date it would sell like hot cakes
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The film to me was very good. There was a great deal to think about after it was over, which is always excellent.

However, did anyway else find it hard to hear at times.
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Just my 2c...

There are a lot of interesting ideas in this film, but it never really follows though. Wender's biggest mistake was interviewing Yohji in English. There is so much dead time waiting for him to try and find the words, and when he does find them he obviously cannot express what he wants to. When he speaks in Japanese he's so much more articulate and interesting.
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