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I could be wrong, but I think his supplier relationship for the shoes fell apart.  Not expecting more.

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So our summer shirts are just now starting to get made (which means delivery when it isn't summer) because some people couldn't get their order right? Dumb dumb dumb.

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Originally Posted by kwanon View Post

I know the shitty shoes you speak of, but the Nicos are rad. Actually surprisingly subtle since everything is suede. No gloss makes all the layers blend a bit together visually if you're not looking too close. But when you do look closely it still works. I'm not expressing it well but it's a feature, not a drawback. They don't telegraph as those poorly constructed hybrids with garbage leather, at all.

This is not super surprising, really. For whatever reason I've found a lot of Mauro's more unusual stuff looks way better once I get it in my hands. I was going to jump on some Nicos on sale just to try, but by my size was sold out in any color I'd actually be likely to wear.


Also yeah, those white slip-ons are the ones I was thinking of earlier that I would have snapped up in a second. I was mildly surprised he left those out of his production run as they seemed like the most mainstream (and thus the most likely to start up a repeat following for sneakers from the brand).

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new blog post (tee fabrics, winter shirts, summer pants production)


mauro's having surgery??

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Bummer about the surgery. There are very few situations in which having surgery does not majorly suck. Best wishes to Mauro for a speedy recovery.

Now I have to meditate on which u-neck colors to get (all of them?)
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Hopefully tencel shirts will still be out before too long
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More sale items are up. I snagged the last Amunzen (¬‿¬ ) 

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How slim cut are the before-dinners? I've got a a 17" neck and 42" chest which usually puts me in an XL shirt, but unless I get the slimmest cut its super baggy. The sizing chart is a little confusing to me as I'm use full measurements (like around the chest) and not across like he uses here, so I don't want to pull the trigger since there are no returns and I've never grabbed a WvG shirt before. 

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Best advice is to lay your shirt out flat at home and take measurements to compare to the chart.

Anecdotally the AD shirts are not slim. I have a couple but I wouldn't wear them tucked in. More like a casual overshirt for me.

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Fair, was hoping to place an order before I got home in case things ran out, but at this point I suppose I can wait.

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Got the last super 120 plaid flannel I think. Live in SoCal but hey can't beat the price smile.gif.
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I am writing a blog post today about sizing to help the majority of people understand sizing. I know understand why my Italian shirts don't sell as well as my made in the USA shirts. It's not the price and it's certainly not the construction NO brand or factory in the U.S. can even come close to making a shirt as nice as my made in Italy. It's pretty much impossible.
It's all about understanding sizing.

If you are a man who appreciates his appearance do yourself a favor and get measured by a professional. Those numbers will help you navigate between ANY brand to ensure you the proper fit.

FYI, the slater and Brody zip are sized correctly. the bodies are a little bigger like they were designed. Only the Ombre shirts sweatshirts came out small.

Shipping will be delayed for some. I go under the knife Thursday morning.
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Just a dumb clarification question, especially for how many Italian factory WvG shirts I have: the Italian factory sizing is in cm neck size, right? Why not just list the shirts by neck size in inches so people who aren't use to neck size in cm are more comfortable with choosing the right one. also have a note that since it is actual measurement of the collar size, some people may have to size up from what they are use to with some other brand's neck sizing so it's best to check the size chart.
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wtf ... why are you having surgery? man ive been so mia. good luck and speedy recovery bro!
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aforementioned blog post -


has info on "jacket sleeves" too!

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