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Winter jacket - opinions wanted (pics included!)

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Hey guys,



Was looking for some help/opinions from the SF crew on what you think of these three jackets.  The first two are the same jacket, one is slate, one is navy, and the third is more of a casual jacket.


My question basically is, what do you think of the first two?  And which color do you think looks nicer? 


Of the last jacket, do you like the way it looks for a casual fall jacket?


Both jackets will be for weekends and casually worn.  Will likely be in sweater/jeans, and brown boots (neither too casual or dressy boots, think Sperry boots)





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go for the first one. too many people rock black.
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Originally Posted by gotlighters View Post

go for the first one. too many people rock black.

Very true. My college campus is scattered with the standard black Canada Goose parkas. It seems to be a winter staple, just like Bean boots.

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The  darker #2 is the better choice.  The last jacket is somewhat faddish.  In this year out the next.  I suggest a classic MA-1 which can be had reasonable  Buy from reputable company  Alpha is expensive but Sportsmans guide is reasonable.  N2B is another choice.  More expensive but warm and classic.  You could wear classic 10 years from now. 

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Seems like most people I'm asking prefer the slate jacket over the navy jacket.  As for the tonal casual jacket, it's pretty polarizing. Some of the style forward women I've shown loved it, while some others don't prefer it. 

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Last year I debated slate vs. black until I saw the navy one. Most of my jackets are black or grey, so I went with navy. One year later, I'm happy with this.


If you want to select from those two, I would go with the black one. It's a classic look.

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Those Canada Goose jackets are so ugly. It looks like jackets you wear to go hunt deers like Ranger type shit. The last one is the best looking one it looks more casual and cleaner. But really those parkas for the Fall?
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the first one. its an ugly jacket but if you live in Canada no one cares about outerwear style when its literally -40 celsius.
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+1 on the first one. I live in Canads too and when it's cold the extra length is priceless. If you're looking for a slim fit Canada Goose check out the Citadel. It's a slim fit version of the Expedietion. I have received several compliments over the years on it and it keeps me warm.
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Thanks, guys.  I'll end up keeping the first and third one.  First is a CG Chateau which fits me pretty well.  Should work well when we're deep in winter.  

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