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Books on clothes

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Thread Starter is a very exciting, living community, creating a body of information that grows every hour, but I want to start a post on material that exists in printed form. Everyone on the forum clearly cares a lot about men's clothes and many know a lot about them. My question: What's on your men's clothing bookshelf. Feel free to include books you yourself have written. I'm less interested in how-to-dress guides than in books on history, philosophy, and aesthetics. To start: Back in high school, I read whichever Flusser book was current circa 1980, but now one of my favorite books is SEX AND SUITS by Anne Hollander, an art and fashion historian who asks, where did the form of the modern men's suit come from? And why has it lasted 200 years? Her prose is quite beautiful. Her aesthetic is formalist, her style impressionistic. It was published by Knopf in 1994. Another book I have is The Male Image: Men's Fashion in Britain, 1300-1970 by Penelope Byrde. It's a lot drier but better researched, tracking the evolution of every part of a man's outfit through the centuries.
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mack11211, There were many discussions about books (both on this forum and on AskAndy); I think that if you will search "Flusser" you will find all of such discussions. Just like you, I'm more interested in books of history, philosophy, and aesthetics. I've found that these books are particularly interesting for me: Hardy Amies, "The Englishman's Suit", Quartet Books, 1994 Richard Walker, "The Savile Row: An Illustrated History", Rizzoli, 1989 These books are, of course, out of print, but there is no problem to find them on such web-sites as Alibris or Abebooks. Andrey
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Another great source is addALL, a used/rare book megasite that has never failed me yet.
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I enjoyed "The Boutonierre in One's Lapel", or something like that, by the owner of Brioni. Elegance, a book that came out years ago. Dressing the Man (Flusser?), new edition as well as the title it replaced.
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See my list on Amazon for the books that I think are the best (with one exception): My own book will be out next fall.
Here is a similar thread. Andy's had a great listing, however Manton's list (as usual) is KING. JJF
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Thanks to all of you who have posted. The notes and links are marvellous. I fear there is yet more info on askandy, but the spike in popularity that brought me to this site has KO'd Andy's, at least for the present, so he remains inaccessible until he buys more bandwidth.
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