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Asaa1000. I am an 8.5 in Barrie. 9 TTS. I got a 42 in the buttero leather version I never tried a 41.5 up see the difference in feel. Hopefully this data helps you narrow down your size. Buy 2 sizes and send back if possible. Good luck
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Thanks DuckOB, hmmm.. most info I've got is to size down 0.5-1 size, and it looks like you didn't size down at all. I was trying to decide between a 40 and 41, but looks like I'll need to try it out before buying.

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Asaa1000. Definitely try if you can. I bought from no man walks alone and this was the size they recommended for me and seemed to be spot on. I could see going 1/2 down if the leather stretches out some. Which ones are getting? They are cool shoes. I really like them. I wish I had space in closet for some boots as well smile.gif
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I wear a size US9.5D dress shoe. I went with size 42 in the Buttero Tanino lows, and it's a pretty good fit. I probably could have gone with size 41.5 if it was available.
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I'm also looking to pick up some Buttero from NMWA, but unfortunately they're sold out in the leathers in 41, so next time I guess.I guess 42 would be TTS for you right?
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Yes 42 would be TTS for me. I wear a half insole so i could see going to 41.5 without issue. The guy at NMWA was very helpful. I called them up and discussed the shoes
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I just received some tanino lows. I normally take a 42 (Wings+Horns, Blanc&Noir) but sized down 1 full size to 41. Fits perfectly.

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Does anyone here know how the sizing is with the Buttero Tolfa shoes? I wear a size 42 in the Taninos. Thanks
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I wear size 42 in CP Achilles low and will get Tannino in size 42 once it's available again in my choice of leather as per NMWA recommendation so no sizing down.

However, I just picked up Buttero Brunello size zip boots in size 41.5 as per recommendation as well and should get these soon.

I'm size 9D (Brannock), Alden Barrie 8.5D, Plaza 9D.

EG Galway 82 last 8.5E, Carmina Rain/Forest/Inca lasts size 8UK.
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There are a bunch of new buttero styles up on yoox if anyone is interested.
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Trying to revive old thread. Any recommendations on sizing in Buttero carrera vs Buttero Tanino. I heard somewhere that there is no need to size down in carrera as it is TTS. Anyone can confirm this?
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I just recieved/ordered Tanino in size 43 and 43.5 and there is no difference between them, the 43.5 is the same size as the 43 - maybe it got mislabelled?
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I wear size us10.5in adidas , new balances.size us11 in Nike.
Buttero Tanino 43.5for me will so big??
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