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Originally Posted by ppllzz View Post

why dont people just always buy true to size? i find that thats always the best bet

Size 9 in these is as big as a 10 in most boots.
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I wear a size 8 in Chucks and the size 40 in Buttero work boots fit well.
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i'm a 10.5 and the only size left in the on-sale black boots is 10.5. if theyl're way big, think some kind of insole could solve the problem? i've been waiting for these boots to go on sale for a llllong time and sure would like to get a pair.
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i'm a size 9 and have the boots in a 41, which i find roomy enough to put an insole in there. if you're a 10.5 and you get them in a 10.5, you're are essentially getting 11.5 boots; they are one size bigger. i think it would still be too big, even with an insole. Insoles can fix the problem if they are half size big but can't fix everything. Unless u like ur boots super roomy, i say just be patient for something to pop up.
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k. makes sense. sigh....
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i'm like a true US 9 i think

Clarks DB in UK 8 / US 8.5 is fitted for me but i'm wearing clarks DB in US 9.5 now with slight room

Sperry in UK 8 / US 9 fits me great

Vans US 9 but can do 9.5 too with slight room

Chucks in US 9

Will Buttero's in size 40 be ok for me ? Or should I go for 41 ?
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what´s buttero quality like? on par with the price?

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Good, yes.
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It's usually good quality. The pricing is sort of high for what it is but it depends on the model.
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What do you think of this for 360? any idea about the sizing?





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Can anyone comment on how Buttero compares to CPs in terms of quality? Buttero prices are slightly lower than CPs. 

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How does the leather plimsolls fit? How is the quality, worth the money?
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How do Buttero sneakers fit? Last time I sized down half on the sidezip but they are still too big. 

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A lot of people size down 1.5 on the sidezips... 1 size down on sneakers. Somewhat foot shape dependent though. At least .5.
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Anyone know what size I should take on the Tanino lows if I'm 8 in barrie? Cheers.
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