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I normally wear size 12 in sneakers and I fit into a coop brown reddish boot, size 11. I think I could have gone down to 10.5, 1.5 sizes down from my normal size because i feel like i still have a good inch of room. Hopefully the buttero fits the same way.
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Barney's COOP is on my shit list. I sent back the 9's and ordered the brown suede WB in an 8.5 (after they dropped the price to 189). A few days later I got some boots, but they were some weird Buttero with elasticized shafts. I sent an e-mail since their toll free CS line was down, but never got a response. I figured ok, mistakes happen, and ordered another pair of the brown suede in 8.5, meaning to send the others back. Wouldn't you know the same fucking boot arrives.

At this point I'm pissed: no e-mail response, cust. service line still down, and two pair of odd looking boots (nice leather though). I ended up calling one of the COOP stores and got another number for CS. A very nice lady took the call and offered to have Fed-Ex pick up the boots this past Saturday. They never showed after I spent my whole Saturday waiting for them. I need to call back.

She did mention it's likely an issue with the bar-code, so I asked if I could possibly speak with one of the people who picks and packs orders, but she replied "no, they all speak Spanish". Well, I did take five years of Spanish, and can probably remember enough to be able to convey my message, but it was still a no go. She then recommended I just come to the store to buy the boots. I told her I was 225 miles from the nearest Barneys. She didn't know what else to tell me. In not so many words, she was saying she has no idea how to rectify the problem and I guess the consumers will keep receiving the wrong boots. I can't believe a multi-million dollar conglomerate like them can't find a way to help me get some boots online. Oh, and another thing they do is put a hold on your CC for double the purchase price, but don't lift it for at least a week and a half. I want some Butteros and don't know how else to get them aside from Barneys, but once I do, they'll never get my business again.
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Any pics of the buttero's being worn on any of you guys?
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I just came back from barney's (saw amerikajinda there) and I'm not a fan of that buttero anymore. There was some extra leather around the heel and i could peel it off from the top. Glued on. Yuck. Edit: I bought a kenneth cole work boot for 1/3 the price and better quality. DSW.
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If I'm a US 9 in Chucks, what should I get in the work boots?
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Take my word for it. It's not worth the money. You can literally peel off the leather in the heel.
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Originally Posted by cldpsu View Post
Take my word for it. It's not worth the money. You can literally peel off the leather in the heel.

So you got a bad pair. Buttero quality is high and I've never heard anything negative until this. Sometimes defects do slip by quality control.
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^ I guess you're right. Do these have an arch at all in the sole or does it lay flat?
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Does anyway have the plain toe balmorals?

i'm interested in gettting them, but am unsure of how they fit. Can anyway comment on the sizing these might have?
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Anyone know what stores carry Buttero in LA? I didn't see them at the Co-op in The Grove and Politix in Beverly Center doesn't have my size.
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I wear a size 41 CP, Dior, and 8 in converse chucks.

In Buttero I own the black workboots in 41 but could have sized down to 40 I think. But I inserted a thin insole and they fit me well since I lace them tight.

I also own a pair of zip ankle boot and suede loafers both also by Buttero in a size 40 and they fit me well. Moral of the story: size down. I hope this helps.
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That was my experience as well. I normally fit a 8.5/42, but take a 41 with Buttero.

List of retailers anyone?
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Anyone have these or know where I could get them?
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proxy in from Japan or Barney's. I'm not sure if there is another US stockist besides Barney's or not.
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hmm i always like my boots big, just in case i want to wear really thick socks... a bit of slippage doesnt bother me. why dont people just always buy true to size? i find that thats always the best bet
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