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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I recently lost weight and dropped from around a 43R to a true 40R/52EU. So I've had to overhaul my wardrobe, and am now releasing much of my old wardrobe in an effort to fund that changeover. Some of these items are priced to move, and some are priced a bit higher, since I'd rather hold onto them in the event I beef back up rather than sell at rock bottom. I'm open to reasonable offers (no 40% as was recently discussed on a thread), particularly on multiple items. I'm also open to trades for similar quality, though I've mostly replaced items and need to backfill cash. Take a look at the rest of the ebay items as there are ties, pants and shoes that I'm not going to put on B&S.

The intent is to price cheaper here than ebay, so if I've accidentally failed to do so, just flag it for me.

Here we go

GONEBorrelli pink linen triple patch pocket. $175 (that's freaking screaming)
photo _57_zpsyzgagfag.jpg

GONECantarelli for Faconnable triple patch pocket cord, dual vent. $40 (dude. Really.)
photo _57 2_zpsdnjsuh1j.jpg

LBM 1911/Luigi Bianchi Mantova blue glen plaid worsted. $100
photo _57 19_zpswdykfuch.jpg

GONECantarelli for Davide Cenci blue donegal DB, ticket pocket, dual vent. $100
photo _57 4_zpshrk9t3oc.jpg

Joseph Abboud kid leather triple patch pocket blazer/jacket. $75
photo _57 5_zpslglll1da.jpg

SOLDPaul Stuart/Canada French blue pin stripe suit, dual vent, ticket pocket, flat front (side adjusters). $125.
photo _57 6_zps12ujoszm.jpg

SOLDMeyer & Mortimer (Savile Row) bespoke charcoal pinstripe suit. $125.
photo _57 7_zpsc4omccc0.jpg

SOLDPRL USA dark gray plaid suit. $100
photo _57 8_zpsavywlciu.jpg

SOLDMeyer & Mortimer (SR) bespoke mid gray pinstripe suit. $125
photo _57 9_zps6gvtmh8v.jpg

SOLDVintage Chipp charcoal pinstripe suit, contrast lining. $115
photo _57 10_zpsmcoe7g44.jpg

SOLDPRL USA gray pinstripe suit, $100
photo _57 12_zpslgdjwhld.jpg

Vintage bespoke Gray & Lampel triple patch tweed, $75
photo Gray1_zpsvjt2g268.jpg

Vintage bespoke Gray & Lampel french blue blazer, ticket pocket MOP buttons, $65
photo Gray2_zpsmc1tmt6y.jpg

Attolini for Luciano Barbera triple patch, super 140s, $650.
photo _571_zpsaivzhnhp.jpg

PRL bleeding madras cotton blazer, $100
photo _572_zpstqlb93sg.jpg

Hickey Freeman gray glen plaid w blue overcheck, $75
photo _573_zpsuwvinx1b.jpg

SOLDSartoria Italia (?) Linen suit (imperfect), dual vent, flat front. $125
photo _574_zpsdflznrpc.jpg

SOLDIsaia red label, Base S gun club check, dual vent. Slimmed but can be let back out. $200. WELL worth it. Fabric is superb.
photo _575_zpskmjnrcvu.jpg

SOLDIsaia red label Base S autumn jewel color district check. Holy Hell, this one is superb. $225 and even more worth it than the one above.
photo _576_zpsq1mw7yf6.jpg

SOLDDavies & Sons Savile Row navy double breast, ticket pocket, dual vent blazer with white MOP buttons. You've never seen so much handwork in your LIFE. $300.
There are some jackets that I weep no longer fit me. This is one of them.
photo _577_zpsyp8ch5im.jpg

Harris Tweed wide lapel, hacking pocket, dual vent $80
photo _578_zpsfzmoawka.jpg

Canali beige shepherd check, dual vent $125
photo _579_zpsjyyxnc94.jpg

SOLDSt Andrews for Luciano Barbera navy blue jacket (possible orphan, could be made into a blazer with button switch). $100.
photo _5710_zpsu4okl9zs.jpg

GONECorneliani windowpane Super 140s, $125
photo _5711_zpshvlpgwej.jpg

NAIsaia red label Ramie patch pocket unstructured summer sport coat (ideally I will sell either this or the Borrelli at the beginning, but not both). $300
photo _5712_zpswe1meyhc.jpg

SOLDLuigi Borrelli blue and cream district check summer wool half lined dual vent. HOLYMOTHEROFGOD. Slimmed but can be let back out. This jacket is superb and it kills me it no longer fits. $325
photo _5713_zpstwk2lbpb.jpg

GONENWOT Isaia Base S glen plaid suit. Bought direct from Off Fifth, had tailored and never wore. This is 2014 season. And its spectacular. I'll be selling at a pretty substantial loss. $700.
photo _5714_zpsls5bn5zl.jpg

GONELoro Piana bespoke jacket plus color/texture match Brooks Brothers pants. The match here is pretty damn good -- I carried the jacket around thrifting for months until I got it exactly right. Superb value for your money, guys -- an excellent beater/starter/travel suit. $100
photo _5715_zpskuvitcgj.jpg

Sartoria Attolini 100% cashmere gunmetal blue herringbone sport coat (imperfect). You can reweave the hole, but it's not terribly noticeable anyway. $375.
photo _5716_zpsyig688fd.jpg

Caraceni for Luciano Barbera super staple lightweight navy blue patch pocket blazer. Here again we have another blazer I weep that no longer fits. I tried to take it in, but it'll easily be let back out. TRUST me when I tell you this one's worth the price of admission -- more handwork than an adult film set. $550
photo _5718_zpsdplsmxpi.jpg

SOLDOlder Isaia mainline herringbone tweed patch pocket (imperfect). $100
photo _5719_zps2eofmztn.jpg

SOLDOlder Isaia mainline lightweight blue micro faux tweed patch pocket. $125
photo _5720_zpshjneojnd.jpg

GONEPRL Italy/Corneliani chocolate brown unstructured flannel chalk stripe suit. $175
photo _5721_zpswjv6snfe.jpg

GONEE. Zegna brown tweed with red overcheck. $85
photo _57 11_zpsnw1tjqax.jpg

SOLDOxxford Crest wool cashmere peak lapel navy blazer, MOP buttons, dual vent.
This one has served me incredibly well. Think of a better, nicer, even more balanced Suit Supply Washington fit, but full canvas, cashmere and hand made in the USA by Class 5 master tailors. The balance and drop on this are indescribable. Look back at some of my old shots and you will see how well it sits on a 42R. THIS is the one I weep for most. $200
photo _5725_zpstq0jdwpp.jpg

GRAIL Paul Stuart/Canada blue herringbone tweed SUIT dual vent flat front. It's as awesome as you think it is. $175.
photo _5726_zps3iwzmcs6.jpg

GONESamuelsohn gray pinstripe peak lapel single breast dual vent flat front suit. Yep, it's that cool. $175
photo IMG_0226_zpsakqgdqch.jpg

GONENWOT E. Zegna tuxedo, peak lapel. $250
photo IMG_0244_zpsabrkkzse.jpg

SOLDSUPREMELY baller Lord West red medallion smoking jacket. $75
photo IMG_0237_zps15aexysh.jpg

Fine print:
No holds; first to pay wins
All sales final
PayPal or similar electronic transfer only please
Price includes all wire transfer fees, but please add $15 for CONUS shipping; international shipping quotes provided on request
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This made the latest round of The Best of B&S (Someone Should Buy This!)
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this is a solid thread!
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