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For Sale:
Falcon Garments Varsity Black/White 46

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Received this from Falcon Garments a little while ago. I've only tried it on and have yet to actually wear it outside the house. As much as I love how this looks, I've found other things I feel like I'd rather wear/keep over this. While I'm not expecting to sell it for what I paid, I don't intend on responding to any offers below $400. I'm still kind of on the fence about keeping it, but there are definitely other thing's I would get better use out of and enjoy more. Only trades I'd consider off the top of my head are for or towards an ACR 3A-1 or a Visvim 23L. Otherwise $430 $400, $375 which covers shipping to the US.

Measurements are pretty close to stock, but here they go anyways:

shoulders 43cm
chest 52cm
front 56cm
back 64cm
sleeve 64cm
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