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Thrift Thread Fit Contest #1

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A simple fit-pic contest for the fun of it. No themes on this one other than "cheap."

The rules:

- Fit/photo must be taken at some point during the challenge. Old photos/fits may not be used.

- Both CM and SW&D are fair game.

- 80% of fit should be thrifted/gifted/traded/discount. Loose definition here, but well below retail is the goal.

- Feel free to explain how much was paid, provenance, tailoring completed, etc. Back stories on vintage/antique pieces are interesting!

The prize:

Hand-rolled, cotton pocket square made by me here in Austria. I'll cover shipping worldwide, the winner only needs to provide an address. I'll also encourage the winner to run the next contest with a (small) prize such as a tie.

Entries accepted until 8 October 2015, voting will run 9-11 October.

Originally Posted by eazye View Post

Fitpic, everything but the tie was thrifted by someone else on the thread.
Luigi Bianchi Mantova purple gingham unstructured patch pocket sportcoat
RLPL linen shirt
VTG RTBOC navy gren
Etro navy trou
Church's suede shortwings

Originally Posted by Ds13 View Post

BB suit - e thrift
Vintage Eton shit w/ a fat collar - thrift
Recent Givenchy tie - thrift
Alden shell short wings - from @takai
Originally Posted by futuremyth View Post

Boglioli hopsack suit (~65% off at Unionmade)
Boss shirt, plain linen square (both thrifted)
Navy gren from Chipp2 (retail and worth every penny)
Originally Posted by dukedishin View Post

In the meantime, thrift fit:

Jacket is unlined and unstructured with patch pockets...from Joseph Abboud (I know I know, but at least made in USA) - thrift
Shirt: Barba Napoli - thrift
Tie: Chipp gren - thrift funded
PS: Ashear madder- thrift
Originally Posted by Nataku View Post

Cross-posted thrift-fit from the Denim Challenge thread.

Vtg Eddie Bauer Harris Tweed cap (thrifted)
Freemans Sporting Club jacket (thifted)
Rag & Bone Eden shirt (thrifted)
Hartford Denim Co. 10.5 oz selvedge duck (thrifted)
Brothers Crisp Boots. Horween Chromexcel w/ selvedge Cone Mills duck quarters. (Thrift Funded)
Originally Posted by Koala-T View Post

Here's a thrift fit for you:

Jacket landed yesterday. Italian BB, Linen, 3/2 and unlined, ethrift. (I might get the waist nipped a bit, but it fit pretty well out of the box. Well enough to put it on.
Square is thrifted Ferrel Reed
Shirt is a Gustin oxford, great fit, thrift
Pants are Incotex khakis, trade (Thanks, @dazedstate
Belt I thrifted that day because my pants were a tad loose, Torino elastic braided baby blue.
Hat is a no name corduroy newsboy, thrifted
Shoes were Cole Haan blue bucks, deep discount.

Originally Posted by hooker4186 View Post

Thrift fit:

SC - Boglioli (consignment)
Shirt - Outlier (thrift)
Belt - Epaulet (thrift funded)
Pocket Square - Hill-Side (thrift)
Trousers - Read Wall by Southwick - (thrift)
Chukkas - Church's (e-thrift)
Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Thrift fit :

Vintage 1960s Batik jacket (traded)
Borrelli shirt (discount)
Custom shantung tie (thrifted)
De Vecchi alligator belt (thrifted)
Epaulet pants (thrifted from consignor)
John Lobb "Turvey" shoes (Ethrift)
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You guys know i'm in.



Here's to the guys looking a million dollars for a hundred dollars:cheers: 

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This is cool! That's a nice prize, and I'm looking forward to seeing what people bust out. I will have to start putting some things together. :lurk:

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When's the deadline on this?

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^ also curious! I've got something but I'm gone for the weekend
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Entries accepted until October eighth.
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Originally Posted by dukedishin View Post

When's the deadline on this?

Originally Posted by Ds13 View Post

^ also curious! I've got something but I'm gone for the weekend

Originally Posted by Koala-T View Post

Entries accepted until October eighth.

^This! Plenty of time to get something together. You can submit as many fits as you like, but only one (your choice) will be entered!

** Entries accepted until 8 October 2015, voting will run 9-11 October. **
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Ah sorry, missed that :embar:

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My Entry:


Jacket: BB E-Thrift, <$30

Shirt: Cutom, thrift Funded

Tie: Panta Gren, Trade

Square: Anonymous, Thrift,

Trou: Banan Republic, Retail, but literally $5.98

Shoes (unpictured): Florsheim? VCleats, Thrift.



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My entry (for now, may change it later but w/e). At the end of the day so pardon the wrinkles and general rumples:



Jacket - Banana Republic (!!) linen/cotton blend, thrift $8

Shirt - Tom James Sartoria (don't sleep on this line of TJ, these shirts are amazing), thrift $2.50

Tie - Vintage Brooks Brothers Makers grenadine garza grossa, thrift $2

PS - Hand-rolled cotton, made by my wife

Trous - PRL by Corneliani linen, NWT, thrift $6

Belt - Allen Edmonds NWOT, thrift $2

Shoes - Alden with just a handful of wears before they got to me, thrift $20


Total cost - around $45


So you can see the pattern on the jacket better (bad tie knot, that's a DFOH but it doesn't look it)


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Jacket Isaia, Thrift

Shirt BB ocbd, Thrift

Belt VV retail

Pants, Dockers, retail

Shoes AE Harris Tweed, ebay

vest, J. Crew, thrift

Square, silk, thrift

Told my wife it was only going to get into the low 90s today so I could layer up.

Autumn Textures:



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My sister is getting married next week, and the entire event is black tie formal.


ENTIRELY THRIFTED (except my drawers, ew)

Tux, Capezio by Henry Mignini Jr Bespoke Peak Lapel ($9.99)

(Mignini worked as a cutter for Dominic Capezio and also later owned Capezio Custom Tailors of Baltimore. C.C.T. was the tailor for Jackie Kennedy, Franklin D Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, as well as several of the Baltimore Colts and the Archbishop of Baltimore )

Shirt - Savile Row Shirt Co -  Hidden Placket Wing Collar ($3.50)

Shoes - No Name Patent Oxford ($4.99)

Braces -  Trafalgar ($1.99)

Bow - for the pic is just a pre-tied bow, my sister is giving me an actual bow before the event. ($.50)

Cufflinks, VTG Smoked Mother of Pearl snaplinks ($2)

Cummerbund - VTG Serrano ($2)

Socks, Just Plain Black ($3 for 3 pack, so $1)


About $26 total.


Epic Lining





Just need to thrift a haircut and a shave before the trip.

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Not sure if this it too late, but I wanted to toss this in the running just incase.

In a rush and couldn't get a full shot. Sorry!

Isaia cashmere blazer - e-thrift (probably around 7% or retail?)
Eton dress shirt - thrift
Jpress tie - thrift
Drakes PS - trade from spoo
Robert Talbott sterling silver cuff links - thrift
Bulova watch - Christmas gift 2 or 3 years ago
BB 1818 pants - 6% of retail
Bally chocolate suede loafers - e-thrift
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All true thrifts. Some of the prices i'm not 100% sure of.

Cantarelli Suit -less than $15
Piatelli Shirt -?
Borrelli 7 fold tie -$3
Unknown PS -$1 - $2
Sterling cufflinks -$5 - $7
Nieman Marcus Aligator Belt -$1.99
Unknown Shell Cordovan Long Wings -$4.99
(I would have chosen more formal shoes but I wanted all thrifted items)

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