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Wearing down the tips of your shoes?

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Hey guys, I seem to wear out every pair I shoes I have prematurely. I suppose the way I walk drags the tip of my shoes a bit too much and the outsole at the very front of the shoes wears away quickly. This seems to happen especially quickly with single leather soles, like the Grensons we are all so happy to have access to. I've had the tips on a few pairs of C&J's replaced with leather inserts. Basically the shoemaker removed the outsole near the front of the shoe and glued in a new one. Are there any other solutions? Is there anyway to prevent the wear in the first place? I'd like to avoid sending my shoes to England to have them resoled. Thanks in advance
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I have that same "problem." I'm calling it a "problem" because I'm betting that, the way humans walk, we are meant to get some traction from the way our toes meet the ground. Since a lot of dress shoes have toeboxes that extend from our natural toes, they meet with extra wear. I recently had some rubber tips put onto the toes of my Audleys, and the guy did a good job of it. It's recommended if you already have some wear on your toes. Mr. Doshi from Plal told me not to have them installed on new shoes. I think it's because they'll either have to grind away the already existing, perfectly usable leather, or just slap the tip on making the shoe's outline look really ugly.
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I was wondering about adding something to the tip. Thanks
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l place a metal tip on the ends of most shoes. l have the luxury of not having to do that with thin leather soles because l have a huge number of shoes that l rotate. Sometimes l get topy's because in Australia there are no places to get the shoes re-welted or redone.
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I go the cheapo route, and it seems to work pretty well: I have my shoe guy nail in a bunch of nails (slugs) into the tip. At least 5 slugs, but up to 10 or so depending on the shoe. This won't eliminate the problem, but it slows down the wear considerably.
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I'd like to avoid replacing the actual sole near the tip, so maybe I'll try adding slugs.
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the J&M 'Handmades' that people bought a few months ago were made with such slugs all around the heel. i've seen them on various other higher-end RTW shoes as well. /andrew
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