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Jump The Gun Harrington

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I've been looking for an affordable navy Harrington for a while now, and I've more or less narrowed it down to Ben Sherman and Jump The Gun. But I haven't been able to find much feedback about the JTG's.


Does anyone else have one? If so, how is the fit? I'm tall and skinny (6'2", 160lbs), so I'd like something that's nice and slim. Also, does the collar stay up by itself?

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I have the Harrington in black. The collar can pop up, but it isn't that starched so it can flop down a bit. It's a good deal for the price (I got mine for around $100 vs the ~$300 Barracuta). Construction and materials are good quality. I have an athletic build and it fits me perfectly. I can see someone slimmer possibly sizing down one. Otherwise, you could order true to size and just get it slimmed down. 

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I'm resurrecting this thread to extol the virtues of the Jump the Gun raglan sleeve Harrington. Just got one in navy and it is the best fitting Harrington I have tried. Barracuta, warrior, Ben Sherman. I've heard good things about Merc, but I refuse to wear logos.

Quite astonishing that it is made in the UK for that price. Not entirely cotton, but that's not necessarily a bad thing for a jacket of the style and not even all Baracutas are 100% cotton and made in UK.
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