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Always a bummer to see pre-owned on Ebay
where guys have used cheap resoling and heels.

JM Weston won't touch em if they'e been worked on
by someone else.
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$99 on EBAY Sold this Week!

Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2
Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2
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Originally Posted by Anm1984 View Post

Black Chelsea's, also have a MTO in a dark brown I'll post later

Nice wholecut Chelsea. I find the shape of the 471 version to be more attractive to my eyes though.

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If I recall its the new more chiseled version,this is the classic. I liked it a bit more as well but for some reason the fit was off.
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The blog site, Parisian Gentleman recently wrote about the finest shoes made in the world.
The first article covered shoes up to about $700 and is available in English, written late this
summer. The second part of the series is written in french. I used Google Translate to
give you the info about our beloved brand, JM Weston.



JM Weston is a national treasure. This is indeed one of the only manufactures traditional shoes on the planet to possess, besides its great manufacturing Limoges, two tanneries that the whole world envies us, one for the rods (the Puy en Velay, whose main shareholder is the Descours Group, owner of Weston) and another for the soles (Bastin).
JM Weston is an institution of male shoe upscale and one of the very last of excellence "Made in France", true, not that trumpeted ad nauseam by policies that are the only ones still believe the existence of an industrial patriotism in today's world.
For if Weston shoes always sell well and were able to retain a beautiful fans in France and abroad customer, it is simply because the shoes manufactured in Limoges are beautiful, well made, super strong, and for the Most of them, indémodables.
The classic houses - the famous moccasin 180 or the fantastic derby Hunting (still entirely handmade) today alongside more contemporary models such as the Richelieu Conti Flore or the Derby for instance.
Any lover of beautiful shoes should have, at one time or another, a pair of Weston to experience the quality construction of these, hosiery very near the foot and firm but real comfort.
++: Beautiful shoes, an exemplary factory, a real strength and one of the last true bastions of "Made in France" quality.
-: Inflation rates in recent years (probably the price to continue to do everything in France, even Blake sewn).
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Not a bad deal here (not my listing). I think you could get em for $100 as I gave a lower offer
last night and thats what they countered me at, I don't wear black much.
Size 8.5D JM Weston sizing

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Hi guys, I am headed to Paris in January, during the sales season.


Just wondering what is the current price for the Demi Chasse? And an even more stupid question, any place I can get these on sales?


Also looking at the Heschung Ginkgo boot. Again, does these ever go on sale?


Thank you kindly in anticipation.

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Originally Posted by Petepan View Post

Hi guys, I am headed to Paris in January, during the sales season.


Just wondering what is the current price for the Demi Chasse? And an even more stupid question, any place I can get these on sales?


Also looking at the Heschung Ginkgo boot. Again, does these ever go on sale?


Thank you kindly in anticipation.


Sales are everywhere at the end of season...will you find what you want, in the size you want, for the price you want? ? Perhaps not....Keep in mind that the demi-chasse is not a seasonal shoe...it is one of weston's staples....I bought my demi-chasses from Leather Soul on a last pair sale...and they were quite cheap compared to regular price...and I happen to have larger feet...so I can find "last pairs" in my size quite often...Honestly...I'd go with a 3rd party store outside of France (most likely the u.s.)...Weston is going to carry Weston and they'lll keep up the prices of their classic models especially in Paris where they are well known...A 3rd party store outside of France is going to carry at least a  few brands...and honestly...Weston is probably going to be one of the least best sellers...The demi-chasse is a big bulky shoe which requires an acquired taste. I love mine to death...but most people are going to take an Edward Green for a bit more or a Vass for a bit less (if not equal now)....


To compare a bit....Alden Shell is a hot seller in the U.S.....Here in Switzerland shelll doesn't sell...I've bought 7 pair of Alden shell for $400 or less...and should I be interested,  I can go get another 3 styles for the same price....


Just to tease you a bit......and yes...the bown pair gets much, much more use....




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It's a stunning shoe!

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Hi, the Demi chasse retail price in Paris is 650 euros and it is definitely a great model but make sure you ask for the 696 model.

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I called the Geneve store...                         745 swiss francs...684 Euros...$767

I called the Paris Champs Elysee store...                                 640 Euros...$717

Looked up on Mr Porter............................................................606 Euros...$680 Shipped to Sitzerland




Mr. Porter shipped to a U.S. address...........................................$920!!!!!!!! A $240 difference....


I've seen this with several other companies...They have a completely different sales system for U.S. and overseas sales...Sometimes it works in my favour, sometimes not...it's a 50/50 hit....As an expat I have family in the U.S. and if it's a big deal, I'll call in a favour and have it shipped to my brother or mother.


Leather Soul had them marked up quite high as well at $975 (but this included the $100 shoe trees)



Sooo...I might change my mind on looking at U.S. 3rd party stores. I got a great deal on a last pair sale...but perhaps you don't want to wait until you find someone doing so...Unless you can find an American retailer selling at a price competitive for Europe (and are willing to wait for them to go on sale), it might just be worthwhile to get them in Paris...At least you'lll also gain the experience of doing so...Which is nice....and there's a bit nicer of a story to your purchase as well...But again, budget Wise, I still think you'd be wiser to search 3rd party stores, 50% off at Porter will still save you quite a bit of money...but you have to wait...and you might be waiting just to find out in the end that the only sizes available are a 6 and a 13...


I didn't have time to do it today, but I Wonder what a few of the 3rd party dealers throughout Europe are doing pricewise...I might call a few places next week...

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Before and after (at Limoges)


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Leather is cut above the best.



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Other than Mr. Porter, is there any place where someone in the US can purchase Weston shoes?  Any Euro retailer that will ship here?

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