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Length of Chipp Neckwear Ties?

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Quick question for the board- does anyone who owns one of the Chipp Neckwear ties want to do me a solid and tell me how long it is? Grenadine, ancient madder, silk matka, knit- doesn't much matter to me, since just about all of them are on my buy list. I ask because I am a man whose legs connect almost directly to his armpits, and prefer a 55-56in tie (even if I use a double FIH).


Much obliged,


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E-mail them.  They're usually pretty quick to respond.





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I bought a few a couple of years ago. The ones I have are 58" long, although that might not be representative of new ties. Since Paul over there runs a custom business, he might also be able to make you a bespoke tie if you're enamored with a particular fabric.

I say give him a call. He's very charming on the phone.
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Thank you, both! I did send them an email, but as it's a Saturday, I thought maybe they'd be closed/someone on here might know too.



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I came across this question you posted many moons ago. We can shorten our ties. I can blunt cut and bind our standard ties for which there is no charge. ( Our standard ties are 58/59").  I can re-cut the tie to a point for which there is a $15 charge. Because the tail of the tie can be passed through the label and is not seen, most of my customers opt for the blunt cut.


Paul Winston

Winston Tailors/

212 687-0850

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