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Questions of youthful inexperience...

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I'm an 18-year old university student with a tendency to spend almost all of my disposable income on clothing and fashion, and I have a few questions regarding style and also current fashions. First: Does anyone have an opinion on 'Mandarin-style' collars, specifically on coats. I'm considering buying this garment: JUST to clarify, it's not the whole outfit, just the coat. In fact, here's a back view I know this kind of coat has been popularized my the 'Matrix' look but I like it for what I see as its class and alternative to the traditional formalwear/outerwear trench Secondly: With suits, is it acceptable to wear a same or similar-coloured shirt and use ties and pocket squares to create colour contrast, or is, for example, black suit-black shirt taboo?
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I'm in somewhat of a hurry so I can't really add more, but please DON'T DO THE BLACK SHIRT WITH BLACK SUIT LOOK..... I'm sure others will clarify, I just needed to shout that out :/
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Sorry, one further question for anyone...has anyone ever heard of Paul Dione, a designer? Good/bad/ugly? Thanks.
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the black with white collar looks way too much like ministers' garb to be taken seriously as clothes to wear out on the town. maybe if you're 'goth' though. but then, IMO, we're talking about costume, as opposed to fashion. /andrew
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Can't say I would ever wear that, I'm not quite sure what you'd wear it too.. not to school/work. It looks like some sort of priest outfit.
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I'm in somewhat of a hurry so I can't really add more, but please DON'T DO THE BLACK SHIRT WITH BLACK SUIT LOOK..... I'm sure others will clarify, I just needed to shout that out :/
I vehemently disagree. I think this is quite a classic look if one can confidently pull it off. I especially love the black jacket and tblack t-shirt look (suits my shave d head) and have always received compliments on the look. I even love the black suit with black t-shirt, black V-neck sweater or black turtle neck look. Looks very classy and stylish. Personally, I would NEVER tell people to "DON'T DO" .... whatever trend or seeming faux pas. Vive la difference. there are ALWAYS exceptions to the "rules" (as much as I despise such "rules")
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Do those photographs look a little too "International Male" to anyone else?
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Such ensembles of black, and black are fairly hard to pull off unless one is a fashionista type or along those lines. The coat is in the same vein. However for a pocket square a contrasting color is always the point. Never match it to the tie unless you want to look faux-chic.
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Just my humble opinion which I know hardly counts for anything at all... but... please please please please please do not even think about buying that costume (and yes, that is exactly what it is) or anything like that, least of all wear it in public. I think it looks utterly ridiculous, horribly unfashionable, and completely International Male. Save yourself some embarrassment and buy a well fitting and well made suit or tuxedo. I guarantee you'll get far more stares of admiration than of horror from passer bys.
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Since you asked about the jacket: I don't like the cut or the material. You could get a similar look in wool or cashmere. with thin lapels. I have such a jackt (FCUK, wool/cashmere blend) that looks great with a suit or dressy wear. The jacket you are looking at looks a bit dodgy to me. I don't think that a band collar looks good on such a jacket. If you like that style of collar, I suggest a motorcycle collar on a bomber jacket. I would avoid the black on black look in terms of wearing a suit and shirt. Dark suit, dark tie, light shirt look good together but a dark suit and shirt, in my opinion, don't.
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the mandarin collar had a resurgence in cheap weddings and proms in the late 90s. I hope it never comes back. then again, I never saw a mandarin collar pulled off well.
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Mandarin collars look better if they are slightly rounder at the edges, and not to angular. Better still, have frog buttons go along with it. I do like the long coats, although since I am not tall (yet?), it might diminish my height instead. WJTW
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The outfits that models on the pic wearing looks like one of those fighting video game character would wear. Do not spend money on such clothing unless you want look like video game character.
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For me, it's a bit over the top. It looks like something from the Matrix.
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then again, I never saw a mandarin collar pulled off well.
Unless you are, of course, a mandarin. Then you need the jacket in silk, with an embroidered vest over it. You also need to be Asian, with a mandarin style pigtail and a command of at least 2 fighting styles. Fans with embedded razors optional (but preferred.) Not in black unless you are telegraphing how bad ass you are.
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