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Picked up a few pairs of PDC's and Levi's Premiums and figured I'd give you a guys a crack at them before listing them on eBay. I have: 3x PDC 2-ICN-79 Mythos Twist. You can get pics from I have pairs in 33, 34, and 36. 1x PDC 2-ICN-XX XX. I haven't taken pics, but it's the same cut as the Mythos (ICN's the full cut model with slash pockets), and is a pretty basic dark blue wash with only slight distressing. I have one pair for my own use, and it's a great staple pair of jeans. The size is 34. 1x Levi's Premium Austin Bootcut in a very rich dark blue wash. The size is 32 x 32. 1x Levi's Premium Hesher Low-Rise/Straight Leg in an indigo/medium blue wash. There is a small 1/2 inch tear (like a cut in the fabric, and not a full out rip) in the mid-thigh, I assume this isn't a distressing feature. The size is 32 X 34. I'm asking $65 + shipping for PDC's, $40 + shipping for Levi's; shipping should come out to ~$5. I cannot accept PayPal at the moment due to issues with my account, so I'd need check or money order. PM me with any questions.