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Originally Posted by moltoelegante View Post

The only thing the rape supporters have left is ad hominem attacks. They certainly don't have the facts on their side.
Ironic coming from a confessed child rapist.
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Originally Posted by lawyerdad View Post

Ironic coming from a confessed child rapist.


Your delusion is reaching new and frankly disturbing lows.

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From a danish newspaper interviewing asylum seekers in a camp in Hamburg.

- Germany has even invited us and said that the need for refugees. I have even read a note in Iraq, where I worked for advice to come here, says Aso Hamsa, who argues that one should treat guests you have invited, good and better than the treatment he and comb States is in Jeenfelder Moorpark camp.

Also the rape ball is rolling in Sweden at the moment, where it has come forward that the police has covered up multiple gang assault like Cologne cases and multiple gang rapes committed my migrants.
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
In two years, kill gang molesting girls at Europe's largest youth festival We Are Stockholm.

The police official version outward conduct of the festival quiet - but the DN's audit shows that the internal alarm reports are silenced.

The National Commissioner Dan Eliasson promised to investigate the blackout.

DN has taken cognizance of the internal memo that each day of the Youth Festival We are Sthlm sent to police chiefs and the Stockholm police media center. The first reports of sex crimes against female visitors came early.

"The problem with young men who rub themselves against young girls in the audience returned to previous years," it says in a memo from the first day of August last year.

The problems arose as soon as the concert started.

"Despite the relatively small audience ocean harassed several girls by boys and men made sexual antastningar the protection of the public sea," they wrote in another report.

But when Stockholm police summed up the festival week at the Web site posted press the informant: 'There have been relatively few crimes and taken into custody considering the number of participants. "

Record number had indeed visited the police tent, but that many of the visitors were crime victims girls withheld in the text.

- The youngest girls were safe only eleven twelve. I'd never have let my own daughter to the festival if I knew what happened, says one of the about fifty police officers who were part of the Stockholm police special commanding.

DN's audit shows that the abuse was not unexpected.

In 2014, had the amounts of molestation reported, including in connection with the theft of mobile phones, and a young girl had been erected fingers in the vagina which is grouped as rape. The perpetrators were, according to DN's sources, often young foreign men who come to Sweden without their parents.

Roger Ticoalu's events manager at the Stockholm city, which is the organizer of We Are Stockholm. He says that it has always been sexual, but 2014 could see a big difference in the crimes committed.

- These cases are very special. There are groups of guys who intentionally targeting that surround and harass girls. Their approach was, we first completely shocked. When we got the first indications of what happened we did not think it could sue, says Ticoalu.

Peter Agren manage Sodermalm police and was commanding director of 'We Are Stockholm "in 2014.

- We had talked a lot about this, and developed a strategy for how we would monitor the crowd and read it to make rapid interventions, says Peter Agren.

Guards, volunteers and police officers had in 2015 instructed to be especially alert and intervene at the slightest sign.

The increased vigilance was not enough. The internal reports that DN aware of shows that crimes would increase. And after one day the police had circled a group of about fifty people who were suspected to be behind.

"These are so-called refugee youths preferably from Afghanistan. Several of the gang was arrested for sexual molestation. The gang was also responsible for several fights during the evening. A plaintiff received among other arm off, "wrote police.

In some cases, they managed to intervene against the suspects. During day two and three made a total of a dozen allegations of sexual molestation, according to the internal reports.

- But there were very few complaints in relation to the number of suspected crimes. It was crowded, it was fast and the girls found it difficult to pinpoint who did what, says another policeman.

The strategy was instead to remove the suspect from the area with the support of the Public Order Act. Total removed over 200 young boys during the five days. The police also had to spend considerable effort to comfort the afflicted girls and take them home to their parents.

It all went so far that the police were considering making a gender segmentation of the audience.

- But we decided that it would be too restrictive. The girls would not be able to stand with their boyfriends? the policeman says Christian Frödén.

To cancel the event never occurred.

Instead gave Stockholm City staff asked to get in touch with girls and to warn them.

"The organizers are working very hard to raise the awareness of what's ok and not ok," it says in a memo.

But none of this was mentioned thus in the information provided to the public and media.

DN succeeded yesterday did not reach the Stockholm police press officer.

Press Chief Wolf Gyllander judge imposes the management.

- We should certainly have written and told of this, no doubt. Why it did not happen I do not know, he says.

- This is so great, and on Monday I will be back to track it all for the cause.

The National Commissioner Dan Eliasson promised, in a post on Twitter late on Sunday evening, to investigate the cover-up of atrocities in the Royal Garden.



Several of the officers DN spoken to say that the authority deliberately avoiding to report on the phenomena linked to offenders of foreign origin.

- But you have to convey the image that comes and that all police officers in the field knows, said a police officer who wished to remain anonymous.

- This is a sore point, we sometimes dare not say that it is because we think it plays Sweden Democrats in the hands. We must take on this in the police, said the police chief Peter Agren.

According to DN's review, none of the cases reported so far led to any prosecutions. Peter Agren says that management are now discussing how the work should be better for this summer's festival.

- Above all, it is about the prosecution perspective. We must have more resources to hold hearings on the spot and conduct investigations that keeps the law. Otherwise, we know from experience that the prosecutors put this type of case.

Stockholm's Events Manager Roger Ticoalu says that all data on sexual harassment taken seriously. We are Stockholm has taken hold of the problem, he believes, for example by training all personnel in basic values. The Security Department has received more resources and both security guards and civilian police have been in place, along with uniformed police. He has no answer to why so few crimes have been notified.

- A common concert where to buy tickets is much easier to monitor. Sometimes we have received no notification that "someone has tried to molest me," it is difficult to intervene then.

That girls do not notify think Roger Ticoalu may also depend on the perception of the community on what is okay and not, have deteriorated.

- It will require a lot of further work to overcome this. It is positive that the debate has flared up now is that all can take more responsibility to stop.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Under söndagen har det rapporterats om hur tjejer blev sexuellt trakasserade under gratisfestivalen We are Sthlm i somras, och att polisen mörkade det.
Fanny, då 16 år, från Stockholm besökte festivalen i Kungsträdgården 2014 tillsammans med sina vänner. Under en vecka var hon där två gånger och sista kvällen, avslutningskonserten, beskriver Fanny som den värsta konsert hon någonsin upplevt.
– Killarna var väldigt närgångna. De tog oss på rumpan och brösten och överallt, säger hon.
”De slog oss”
Fanny hade längtat efter konserten med gruppen Panda da Panda, men säger att det var otrevlig stämning redan tidigt. Killarna rörde sig aggressivt och tittade utmanande på tjejerna, berättar Fanny.
– Man kände sig maktlös, det var verkligen inte trevligt. När vi försökte ta oss ut försökte de stoppa oss och vissa slog till oss, säger hon.
När tjejerna kämpade för att ta sig ut från publikhavet hörde de hur tjejer runtomkring bad killar att sluta.
– Alla upplevde samma sak, säger hon.
Killarna försökte inte omringa Fanny och hennes vänner. I stället minns Fanny hur de smög upp bakifrån och började tafsa.
– Det gick knappt att värja sig, säger hon.
Men hon upplevde inte att övergreppen var organiserade.
– Jag uppfattade det som enskilda killar, det verkade inte vara en organiserad gruppgrej, säger hon.
Hon polisanmälde aldrig händelserna.
– Jag såg inga poliser, men det kändes svårt när man inte visste vem man skulle anmäla.
Bekräftar polisens bild
Att det rapporteras om övergreppen först nu tycker hon är dåligt.
– Jag tycker att det är synd att det ska behöva hända något som i Köln för att det ska rapporteras om detta. Varför tog ingen upp det när det väl hände? säger hon.
Polisen har erkänt att man lät bli att kommunicera ut brotten som skedde på festivalen 2015. Orsaken uppges att det verkade vara män med utländsk bakgrund som begått dem. Fanny bekräftar delvis den bilden.
– De flesta hade annan bakgrund än etnisk svensk. Men det var unga svenska killar också, säger hon.
– Men oavsett var förövarna kommer ifrån handlar det om män som angriper kvinnor, det är vad det ska handla om.
”Jag var äcklad”
Händelsen i Kungsträdgården har satt spår hos Fanny.
– Det skapar en rädsla för att vistas offentligt och särskilt bland män, säger hon.
När det sommaren 2015 återigen var dags för gratisfestivalen struntade Fanny i att gå.
– Jag ville inte att det skulle hända igen. Jag kände mig så äcklad, säger hon.
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Problem solved. See the bolded "Code of Conduct."
When Worlds Collide: Unassimilable Muslim Migrants Crash Europe’s Fantasy Islam

By Andrew C. McCarthy — January 9, 2016

What happens when the West’s fantasy Islam collides with the reality of an imported critical mass of unassimilated — and defiantly unassimilable — Muslims?

Cologne happens.

Nor is it only Cologne. That was just Ground Zero of the New Year’s Eve rape jihad in Germany. As National Review’s Ian Tuttle notes in an alarming column about the predictable — and, if I may say, predicted — surge of sexual assault in a Europe overrun by “migrants,” the jihad included similar episodes, albeit on a smaller scale, in Stuttgart, Hamburg, and even astride the Brandenburg gate in Berlin.

We are finally learning about the magnitude and harrowing details of the attack after days of Stasi-like information suppression. Chancellor Angela Merkel may not be big on German security, but she is a bulwark when it comes to fantasy Islam.

First there was no news; then, a few disturbing hints of gropings and robberies by gangs of “Middle Eastern or North African” men. Now, we know it was a mass atrocity — the only remaining question being: How massive?

Upward of a thousand men, overwhelmingly Muslim, executed a coordinated series of attacks on an obvious target of opportunity: street celebrations in the major cities of a reviled Western state, where they were certain to find throngs of young women and a police presence grossly inadequate to provide security — certainly not against a critical mass of Islamic supremacists.

The participation of Muslim migrants in the rape jihad is, of course, the fact most desperately suppressed by German officials. Mrs. Merkel earned her “Person of the Year” honors from left-leaning relic Time magazine by rolling out the red carpet for a staggering 1.1 million migrants in 2015 — infuriating the German public and spurring the migrant tsunami now washing over neighboring countries. In this information clampdown, the nightmare of the victimized women turns out to be the chancellor’s good fortune: Police on the scene were so outnumbered and outmaneuvered by the assailants that it was physically impossible for them to get near most of the women being savaged, much less make arrests. Most of the perps will never be identified.

The media are already using this to cast doubt on migrant culpability. “It was not clear,” the New York Times opaquely explains, “that any of the men involved were among those who arrived in Germany over the past year from conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.” Sure. In southern Germany, after two teenage girls (ages 14 and 15) were raped, police tripped over themselves to announce that the three Syrians arrested were not recently arrived asylum seekers. What a relief.

RELATED: Europeans Studiously Ignore Muslim Mobs

Nearly 200 women have filed criminal complaints in Cologne, the vast majority charging all manner of sexual assault. There have been few arrests, though, and nearly none involving sex crimes.

The Muslim men used a tactic that has escaped the notice of fantasy Islam devotees but is well known to those of us who’ve followed the scant reports on the rape jihad as it has proceeded from Tahrir Square to Malmö to Rotherham: A group of men encircles the targeted woman or girl, trapping her while walling off police and other would-be rescuers. Knowing they are a protected class, the Muslim men have no fear of the cops — “You can’t do anything to me,” and “Mrs. Merkel invited me here,” are just some of the reported taunts. By the time “help” reaches one victim, the assailants have moved on to the next.

It is not very effective law enforcement . . . but at least the cops can’t be accused of “Islamophobia,” right?

Still, Europe is not Nigeria — not yet. In the regressing advanced world, nothing on the scale of the New Year’s Eve siege can happen without tweets and pictures filtering out. Try as they might, German officials have been unable to put a lid on accounts from police explaining that “the large majority” of assailants they were able to identify were “from Syria,” or observing that “there were thousands of people who could not be specifically identified but who had an immigrant background, and were most probably refugees.”

RELATED: France’s No-Go Zones: Assimilation-Resistant Muslims Are the Real Refugee Crisis

Truth being the first casualty of war, it was left to Henriette Reker, the fantasy Islam–drenched mayor of Cologne, to blame the victims for their ordeal. Such assaults could be prevented, she declaimed, if German women adopted a “code of conduct” tailored to the new, multi-culti Deutschland.

In the spirit of multiculturalism, I have such a code just off the shelf (on which rests The Grand Jihad, in which I outlined it a few years back). It goes like this:

To be absolved from guilt, the raped woman must have shown some sort of good conduct . . . Islam addresses women to maintain their modesty, so as not to open the door for evil . . . The Koran calls on Muslim women in general to preserve their dignity and modesty, just to save themselves from any harassment. So for a rape victim to be absolved from guilt, she must not be the one that opens . . . her dignity for deflowering.

These pearls of wisdom come from none other than Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s renowned sharia jurist. He proclaimed them on his popular IslamOnline website about a dozen years ago, right before he was welcomed into Britain — as a trustee of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies — despite his fatwas supporting Hamas suicide attacks in Israel and terrorism against Western troops in Iraq. Though he resides in Qatar, Qaradawi currently heads the Ireland-based European Council for Fatwa and Research.

Qaradawi is the most influential Muslim intellectual behind the strategy of, as he puts it, “conquering” Europe and America by “dawa” — the aggressive proselytism of Islamic mores. The plan calls for flooding the West with Muslim migrants, directing them to resist assimilation, establishing Islamic enclaves, and pressuring the host country to concede the enclave’s right to govern itself in accordance with sharia — Islam’s societal framework and legal code.

As I’ve previously explained, when Muslims are seeking conquest, Islamic scripture endorses sexual assault as a weapon to establish their dominance. “O Prophet,” Allah is said to have announced (in the Koran’s sura 33:50), “We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou has paid their dowers, and those whom thy right hand possesses out of the captives of war whom Allah has assigned to thee.”

In the Western ministries of fantasy Islam, the pols and their note-takers will thumb their chins and wonder what could possibly have motivated the German attacks — just as they wonder what could possibly explain the European sexual-assault crisis that has, by some mysterious coincidence, coincided with mass Muslim migration.

The rest of us will know that there is a strategy: conquest. Just as in the Middle East, women and girls in the West are the spoils of jihad, the vehicle for intimidating non-Muslims into surrendering sovereignty over the streets. If they want to be safe, Sheikh Qaradawi warns, they must submit to Islam’s sartorial suffocation. If not, well, they have it coming.

By the way, since President Obama entered office, the United States has issued over 100,000 green cards per year to migrants from Muslim-majority countries. That’s just green cards — it doesn’t count the thousands of visas issued to students, tourists, and temporary workers. With the Republican-controlled Congress fully funding the effort, the government is on pace to award another 680,000 green cards to Muslim migrants — with their entitlement to lifetime residency, federal benefits, and a path to citizenship — in the next five years.

As Sheikh Qaradawi and Mayor Reker might say, I’m sure it won’t be a problem . . . as long as the women “maintain their modesty.”
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So who here watched this?
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Just wondering if what this video has to say concerns anyone.
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Albanian interviewed at an asylum camp in Germany by a danish newspaper "I hate my country, so I don't feel obliged to help rebuilt it" You what? Get the fuck out!
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Originally Posted by Find Finn View Post

Albanian interviewed at an asylum camp in Germany by a danish newspaper "I hate my country, so I don't feel obliged to help rebuilt it" You what? Get the fuck out!

What's not to hate? I like that Albanian guy.
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It's your country you broke it, now go fix it.
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Good thing is, the "immigrants" from the Balkanese states will actually be deported. After the German government recognized these states as "non life-threatening", the influx has dropped considerably.

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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

So who here watched this?
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Just wondering if what this video has to say concerns anyone.

I watched it.

Let's boil this down as evolved intellectuals might.

The danger to civilization is the ranting on right wing chat boards. Rush Limbaugh too.

We should not be alarmed by the millions of people colonizing western Europe who have no interest in assimilating and who desire Islamic law.

We should not jump to any conclusions based on 1,400 white girls (dhimmis) raped and abused in grooming houses in Rotherham.

Or the thousands of sexual assaults in Cologne.

Or chopping people's heads off.

Best keep it quiet, lest we upset a huge voting block. Also, its racist.

The better course is denial. Anyone who mentions "Asian" men, or Islam, or Pakistanis, must of course lose their job, their kids, and their freedom. Laws must be enforced against haters and the "wrong side of history."

Best to keep things bottled up and hope things work out. So far so good, right?

This is what Adorno and Marcuse always wanted.
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Originally Posted by Find Finn View Post

It's your country you broke it, now go fix it.
Oh Really? Can you fix your country?
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Its not really broken, but yes, it's called democracy, if you don't want corruption vote on someone, who is going to do something about it or even better become a politician. If you can't get a job create one.

It's been 20+ years since the Balkan war, so they have had plenty of time to create prosperity in the region, like there was in the 60-70's, but instead they have chosen to keep hating each other and sit on their ass.
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Germans are picking up the pitchforks and torches now. The state will not protect them, so it looks like they are taking matters into their own hands.

To be fair to the intellegensia and the elites, how could they have known that stifling legitimate criticism and covering up rapes would result in vigilantism? After all, when has such a thing ever happened in the course of human history?

Similar Facebook initiatives have popped up for the southwestern city of Stuttgart, and Cologne itself - though that group says it does not promote vigilantism or patrols, but wants only to encourage citizens to be more careful.

Yet despite their claims of peaceful intent, North Rhine-Westphalia's anti-fascist collective has used the same social media platform to accuse the group of having a far-right, anti-immigrant agenda, and of ties to fascist soccer hooligans and Dügida - Dusseldorf's iteration of the anti-Islamization PEGIDA movement.

It is possible that far-right extremists have simply taken advantage of a peaceful call to exercise caution to gather and promote their agenda, but according to German daily "Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung" Dusseldorf police are less than enthusiastic about their self-appointed "helpers."

"The monopoly of power clearly lies with the state," in this case, a police spokesman told the newspaper, making it clear that anyone who partakes in vigilante activities is breaking the law and that such behavior will not be tolerated.


"Such behavior will not be tolerated." LOL.
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The same thing is happening in Finland
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