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I am still in!

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So as for now, confirmed for the order are: 


- Aerostat.

- Tempest.
- Cchen. 



Hiver ? 


The soonest you answer the soonest I start the order. 

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yes as I said i am still in
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Unfortunately, I am looking for a captoe frown.gif
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Looks like we are still waiting for one more person.

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Indeed a single person and we can start the order. 

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This has been slow for a bit but I'd be in if I can get the right size. I've been wanting a new pair of monkstraps and this is the best color I've seen.
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That is perfect then (since it is a mto you can order any size), we just need the confirmation from Hiver and I can start the process with skoaktiebolaget. As soon as I have the confirmation I can post the link. If anyone seeing this post is still interested he can join, 6 is the minimum but there is no maximum. 

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I'm interested in this GMTO. Size 10.5 UK please. 

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Great. I need to email about sizing this week but I'm definitely in. I'll also add that I have a slight preference for captoe but I'll go with whatever the majority wants.
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Looks like we have enough people now icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

@LTDL let's get it started!
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Could we just do one refresher role call.  Thinking about this a bit more, I really feel like this shoe deserves some detailing up front, and it seems like there are a few others that want the cap as well.  Two questions for everyone:


1) What is your first preference? Captoe (for me)

2) Is this a dealbreaker either way? No


We should tally the top preferences just to make sure we are making the right decision.  

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Also, use this account name in the tallies from now on (originally decumulate). This was my old styleforum account from a few years ago. It was giving my issues logging in but I accessed it now.
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1. no captoe. 2. yes
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