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fitted is the better terminology.
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Here are three of my favorites: Puma driving shoe/sneaker:  (I don't know what model it is, but it's not like any other sneaker I've seen.  It actually is quite comfortable and works well for driving too.)   Oakley Thirteen-Twenty driving shoe/sneaker: La Sportiva Superfly climbing shoe/sneaker:
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1) Asics Tiger Onitsuka Mexico 66: I agree with LA GUy, these shoes are extremely comfortable. I was amazed when I tried a pair. The only thign is that if you have wide feet, they tend to get wider after extensive wear 2) Vans Slip Ons: I got a leather pair in black with orange lining from some special collection I was told : Off the Wall. I really like them. 3) Puma Avanti: They must have came out like 3-4 years ago but it was a very wellp-done shoe wna dthe wear and tear is minimal. I don't think Puma has done anything better ever since. 4) Adidas Sambas: Classic. I have a dark blue one and à actually play indoor soccer with them like they are meant to. 5) I've heard really good things about New Balance Personally, I hate Diesel sneakers and shoes. .I bought a pair of boots and I was shocked how cheaply made it was considering the price. Never again........
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My short list: 1) Puma Speed Cats: in suede or leather, I must point out that the leather versions are extremely comfortable. I have 5 pairs. 2) Reebok Classics, Ballistic EXT / Classic Suede: best overall multipurpose gym / exercise / sport shoe I have ever owned. And of course who can forget: 3) Adidas Y-3, Field IV A in brown suede: really padded and ultra soft, looks amazing with a pair of jeans or khaki colored pants (chinos, beach pants, etc...) Coolest shoes I have not been able to find / wear: 1) Puma Rennkatze: coolest sole on any shoe ever made, but I am pretty sure that a few hours of wear will destroy your feet. 2) Puma Platinum, Machina: Best looking and probably most adjustable driving shoe (loafer style with laces) ever made, was unable to find in my size and Puma apparently no longer makes the model. 3) Ludwig Reiter Skywalker: classic-skater-looking shoe, according to several members on the forum, very well made sneakers. Jon.
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I just saw these sneakers by Medium - style is called Existentialist. I thought they look pretty cool, but may be a bit much.   Anyone have any experience with the quality of this brand?  Haven't heard much about it, but a lot of their designs seem pretty original (though some don't).  These do look a tad bit like some prada sneakers I've seen in past seasons, but I won't hold it agains them   also available in brown Existentialist - in brown On another note, others in my top five would be - 1. Original Reebok Pumps (ones w/ the basketball) 2. Adidas Rod Lavers (in green) 3. Adidas Sambas (classic black) 4. Nike Air Force pumps (aka David Robinsons) 5. 1992 Air Jordans
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Here are three of my favorites: Puma driving shoe/sneaker: (I don't know what model it is, but it's not like any other sneaker I've seen. It actually is quite comfortable and works well for driving too.) Oakley Thirteen-Twenty driving shoe/sneaker: La Sportiva Superfly climbing shoe/sneaker:
Kai, how can you not know that you have the Puma Mihara Yosuhito shoes? I so wish I had those. Those ones are My-10. my favorite sneakers are Puma Mys, Onitsuka Tigers, Y-3 Sleekstar, Adidas Tuscany, and I can't really go on past that. As much as I love sneakers, I'm not much of a connoiseur (sp, ugh).
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1) Air Jordan III 2) Adidas Rod Laver - original white with green trim 3) Air Jordan XI - the ones with the patent leather 4) Nike Dunks 5) Lazer Air Force 1
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having about 25+ pairs of sneakers, I guess you can say I like sneakers. 1. Nike air max 95. These never get old. I wouldn't run in them really, they're too heavy, but the design is simultaneously timeless and modern, and Nike has had some great colorways. 2. Nike Air Jordan 3. A beauty of a shoe 3. Adidas Country. sometimes less is more. 4. Nike air max 90. An upgrade from the first generation Air max, these have supreme styling 5. Nike dunk lows. The colorways they have are ridiculous. I used to pick my outfits starting with the dunks, and match from there. I have many other assorted Adidas, Nikes, Converse, (beaters), and Reeboks. Nike are my favorite for b-ball, Asics are my favorite for running (I never caught on to NB, just the hikers a few yrs ago). I also have some ltd release pumas, but I don't wear them too often, they look too "metro".
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1. Jack Purcell 2. Chuck Taylor All Star 3. Adidas Stan Smith 4. New Balance 991 5. Adidas Samba
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Superfly and Big Balla, Classicists. I like that. And funkypres, you seem like a Nikehead. I love all sneakers, but Nike does have some of the strongest design teams right now. Kai, Those are in fact the M-10s. Not my favorite of all his designs (though they have been consistently good,) but you must be a sneaker savant to pick those out of the general dross.
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i saw that LA Guy mentioned in another thread that he was trying to get into Sanctuary in Boston with a pair of limited edition sneaks.  i'm a sneaker fanatic and was wondering if perhaps there were some others out there.   LA Guy, your anecdote reminds me of a time that my friend and i were trying to get into the W Hotel in downtown San Diego and were refused entry because we had on limited edition nike dunks instead of the requisite steve madden sneaker/shoe thing.  however, in your situation reason prevailed and you got in, whereas we did not.  hmmm...this should lead to a post in the "most odious outfit" thread...  anyway, to any sneaker fans out there, here is a tentative top 5: nike dunk hi adidas stan smith (velcro) converse all-star (white) air jordan 3 vans slip-on (checked, all white, or navy) nike vandal supreme
Velcro? A joke?
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Bump for scnupe.
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I love sneakers as well. "¢Â Adidas Rekord "¢Â Adidas Rio Grande "¢Â Adidas Superstar with no metal tooling. Unpadded tongue preferred. "¢Â Adidas Pro Model "¢Â Adidas Campus "¢Â Asics Tiger "¢ Puma Speed Cat "¢Â Puma Top Winner "¢ Converse All-Star hi in unbleached white or black "¢Â Converse One-Star, suede "¢Â Vans checkerboard slip-on "¢Â Vans canvas lace-ups
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