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Few questions about hearing loss after concert

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Hello everyone, today i was at concert at festival (there is a festival here where i live once a year and i usually go every year, fesival lasts 7 days but i usually go only 3 days but this year i was going only one day and only on one concert) and strangely there was not huge line array this year instead there was only one speaker haning from the stage (one on right side and one on left side) and there were 4 big bass bin speakers (4 at left side of stage and for at right side of stage) and since there wasnt big line array and main speakers were not too big (not counting subs, they were big) i tought it wont be too loud and that i dont have to worry and 20 minutes before concert began they started to play some songs to test if equipment was set up propperly and i was standing pretty close to stage (not too close but also really not far from stage) and in front of me was speaker haning from stage and as they played tunes for while testing their equipment i noticed that it was MUCH louder than i expected for that speakers but it was not too loud, in fact i was enyoing because subwoofers were extremly good quaity and powerfull, i could feel bass in my chest, also mid and high frequencys were perfect and it wasnt too much for my ears and sound was krystal clear, but when they finished testing and the concert began some idiot turned up volume on sound mixer too high and like if that was not enough few minutes later he turned up high frequencys WAY, WAY TOO MUCH and after that most songs had distorstion and too much high frequency, i was thinking whole time that i should move but i didnt and concert lasted about two hours and now after about three or four hours most things i hear are still muffeled (like when you have water in your ears) but its much better than it was after concert ended, also i had some ear ringing but it stopped for now.

Also i tried to listen to some music on my earbuds but some frequencys feel like static and when i turn up volume whole song is distorded.


So my questions are:

How much do you think that i damaged my hearing and do you think it will be noticable?

How long till everything gets back to normal and i stop hearring "muffeled"?

How long do you think will take for ringing to stop?

What is more dangereous for hearing, listening to music on in-ear headphones at loud or max volume or that concert i was a today?


Also, if it makes any difference i used to listen to really loud on in-ear headphones and i had ringing in my left ear for time to time and i think i was noticing difference betwene sound on my left ear and right ear because of loud headphones way long before this concert but im not sure maybe i imagined that i hear lower on my left ear because of headphones because i was TOO paranoid about my hearing, but for last few months i dont listen too loud on headphones because im aweare that it can ruin my hearing,


Please reply.


Sorry for my bad English and for badly written post and gramar errors but its almost 3AM here where i live.


Thanks in advance.


Please reply, its really important.

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Just relax and give it a few days.
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It's normal after a concert. Give it a week to see if your hearing returns. If not, see an audiologist.

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Originally Posted by SirReveller View Post

Just relax and give it a few days.



Originally Posted by BrooksLauren77 View Post

It's normal after a concert. Give it a week to see if your hearing returns. If not, see an audiologist.

Thanks for suggestions, by the way, i know its not possible to correctly know but how much damage do you think that loud concert caused (if any)

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Youve probably increased your likelihood of tinnitus when youre older. If youd caused nerve damage (irreversible) youd have felt it. Bring some earplugs to the next concert and dont blare your earbuds.
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Give your ears a rest as much as possible, quiet is good.Go easy on stimulants ie coffee and tequila which amp up ringing. For those with tinnitus, acupuncture can help give the ears a bit more tolerance for volume and it dulls ringing slightly. With luck you'll go back to normal in a week. Distortion at high decibels is a killer.
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Do not panic and take a hasty decision during such situations. If the mumbling sound exist for more than a day its always advisable to meet an audiologist. There are several hearing tests that can evaluate your hearing ability like that of comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluation at Westside audiology (Calgary) that help determine if any hearing loss is present, degree and type of hearing loss and the condition of the ear canal. 

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