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Originally Posted by dvskei View Post

Calf 3 weeks

very nice

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Originally Posted by MickeyPunch View Post

On this topic, I think no one has complained yet about "veins" in coloured lamb. My dark wine jacket has no trace of them. Why is that? Coincidence? Coloured lambskin is glazed? Corrected grain?

I used to think like that. No lamb leather, only super thick stuff (same for denim and things like that). I've changed my mind. I still have heavier stuff for the fun of breaking it in, but when I want to look good it's not the stuff I reach for.

The colored leathers are probably aniline or semi aniline and most likely corrected top grain leather. This does not mean that it'slow quality. The famous Horween chromexel, for example is a corrected top grain leather. The cheap stuff comes from the middle splits.

Originally Posted by mrchariybrown View Post

Short of falling off while riding or getting stabbed, lambskin will not shred with normal wear.

Even falling off a motorcycle, it'd have to be at pretty decent speed and rough terrain for this lamb to "shred"
Maybe, but even for ToJ leathers, there are regular reports of the leather reading under pretty moderate use.
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Despite of my defense of lamb leather, I have to say that my body is ready for calf suede. And quilting.

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I don't know, I've had a few nights in my ToJ lambskin where I was drunk and fell onto the concrete or something, and my jacket has a ton of scratches and one or two tears in the sleeves--I don't really care at this point since it adds to the jacket's character, but I'd +1 LA Guy's comment on durability.
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My TOJ black lamb CWU had a couple tears over the years. It had them fixed, though, and you wouldn't notice them now unless you already knew about them. I'm still going with black lamb on a Falcon CWU.

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Received my black lamb DR1 in Los Angeles on Friday October 30th -- payment was sent Sept 30th, so very quick turnaround. I'll put up some pics soon!


Avoided the whole TOJ mess (and only really found out about it a few weeks ago, leading to my Falcon purchase). That said, thoughts:


- Charly was excellent to communicate with! Very responsive and very helpful. The whole process was quick and easy. 


- Lamb is NOT veiny. However, it is a lot thinner than expected. I caved and bought a black lamb moto on grailed, while waiting. That one IS VERY veiny, but also feels like it's about 1.5-1.75 times as thick, and definitely weighs more. (Makes me wonder -- are the thicker hides the veinier ones?) I'll take pics of this and I can actually accurately weigh it with a shipping scale. (Of course, apples to oranges because the models are different, but the measurements are +- .5" for every category.)


I was initially pretty disappointed about this, but as I live in LA, it makes the jacket more wearable for more of the year. Thing is, I planned to buy a calf DR in the future, so overall, I'm okay with it. I was also planning to buy a black lamb bomber next, but I've decided against it, because of the thickness of the lamb. Not sold on goat's texture -- but, perhaps.


- Definitely is "buttery" and soft like everyone describes it! Feels wonderful and silky smooth. Zippers are badass + inner pockets are very cool and useful.


- A few tiny nicks and scratches here and there, most noticeable around the sleeve zipper. Don't care -- this will happen within a week of normal use.


- I was hesitant about front facing zips and, well, I don't like them in person. I do feel like the DR1 has a significant amount of hardware (despite people saying that it does not feel like it in person) and the zips on the sleeve just feel like too much -- too in your face. It's totally a preference thing, but I don't think I would order another Falcon DR unless rear facing zips were an option. (Again, just me!)


- Fit is pretty good, not perfect. I deviated from Charly's length by going .5" shorter and I regret that. Not a deal breaker, but trust people when they say trust Charly! The sleeves, however, are a lot wider than I would like. I did tell Charly I'm working out and expect to get bigger (which should fill the bicep and forearm section out nicely), but the cuff feels way too baggy, even with a watch on my left wrist.


The confirmed measurement was 5.0" at cuff, I measured it at 5.3". Again, not a huge deal, but I will definitely make a note to size down the cuff if I order again in the future.


- I understand both sides of the discussion here -- people being nitpicky about these small details and others thinking it's a bit ridiculous. To me, $870 is a lot of money, so I think it's justified for people to raise any issues/questions about quality and design. As far as I am concerned, Falcon delivered and I got what I ordered. The cuffs are the only things that kind of bug me, but I would definitely purchase another jacket.


- Overall, I am pleased with the purchase! If rear facing zips and no epaulets are an option on the belted DR, when it is "released" I would definitely buy one in calf, with slight adjustments based on my first jacket.

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What a nice and thorough review.

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Originally Posted by JFetter View Post

What a nice and thorough review.


haha thanks! wanted to help people the same way others posting here have!

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To those with experience with calf, can it ever drape as well as lamb when broken in enough? How much wear does it take? I remember the phrase "house special black lamb", but recent reviews are sorta making me hesitant with the veins and thin-ness.
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@jl992 Appreciate the thorough review man. Looking forward to the pictures. Also... Might be a stretch... But do you happen to be @jlau1303 on Instagram...
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Originally Posted by barramundi View Post

To those with experience with calf, can it ever drape as well as lamb when broken in enough?

If you want something that drapes similar to lamb you should consider goat.
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Hey guys. I also ordered my jacket on Sept 30 and received it a month later on Oct 30. My thoughts on the lamb are almost identical to what ji992 had said. I also happen to live in LA so I'm not as disappointed as I should be as it would be more wearable throughout the year. Would also like to note that the lamb is super buttery and oh so comfortable to wear. It does feels frail though but I don't plan to ride or do anything stupid with it. The nicks/scratches don't bother me but I am afraid of getting rips. I actually like the front facing zippers so no complaints there. I do wish the sleeves were a bit longer but then that's my problem as I opted for stock size 47. I do prefer longer sleeves like my rick so it's more preference than anything. Next time I order, I'll be doing m2m. Also, the only veins I can notice are the ones on top of my back but despite some flaws, a definitely happy purchase. :)

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hi everyone, sally here :)


as some of you may know, i've been working with falcon for about a month now. we're settling in nicely with our roles, and i have a few announcements to make-


different zippers!

some people have asked about the gunmetal and all-black hardware options... we are looking into a lead and are hoping to make this an option for our jackets


more hides!

as always, we're looking for a variety of hide choices. dan and i will be able to spread out to markets a bit further out for calf and lamb suede. i'll be updating with suede swatches in the near future! 


and finally, our belted DR sample is nearing completion... i had a look today and it looks pretty rad. we're expecting the finishing touches to be done around monday/tuesday korea time, at which point it gets the final yay/nay. will post pics :D

i look forward to communicating with you guys here on styleforum - i'll be around to answer anything i can :slayer: 

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Also, more good news.

Rear facing sleeve zippers now an option.
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Anything on quilting?

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