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Originally Posted by Agent Orange View Post

Do you offer Goretex (or other non-leather options) on the MA-1?

Sorry, but we don't have any non-leather options at the moment.
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QDR is making a return.

And we'll have two new quilted motos coming alongside the QDR.
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If anyone wants to get a jump start on sizing for the belted DR or any of the quilted jackets coming out, please feel free to email me.
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Originally Posted by shinobi13 View Post

rbnman - thank you for your concerns and to ensure some confidence for you, I decided to eliminate one of the workshops who made the classic belted DRs along with the BCDRs due to some inconsistencies in production and limited the rider and bomber jackets to separate facilities to ensure consistent details and workmanship.  The new belted DR will be obviously coming from the same guy who makes all our riders jackets so I don't think you have to worry too much in terms as mentioned.  




Thanks Dan. The bottom part of the lapel starting too early and Epaulettes sticking up has the largest impact to aesthetics IMO which I trust you are addressing.

Looking forward to seeing the belted DR sample and i appreciate the specs have not been disclosed, but should it feature shoulder epaulettes, would you mind making them as optional? Thanks
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Ordered 09/18, received 10/13.


I left for tour yesterday so I literally just missed it, but I'll be back on the 30th to try it on. Had my brother take some measurements/photos and it looks great. Here are some phone photos.


Black calf DR02, 4 zips.


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^Seeing this makes me super glad I went with the DR2 in black calf as well. I got visible snaps on both lapels though. smile.gif

Can't wait to see the fit pics, dude!
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With zippers now being placed at front of sleeves, I think removing the banding on the cuff would be better on all jackets
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Or re-introduce rear facing zippers again as an option! The MDR and belted DR really are suited well for them.
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got my calf dr1
only complaint is both sleeve zips are difficult to zip up/down and lil specks of metal are grated off when i do

more (Click to show)
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Throw some chapstick on the zip and work it a few times (thats what she said?)
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If wabi-sabi isn't your thing, the whiskey lamb may not be for you.  Some discoloration on the left shoulder, and a few scratches throughout the hide. Feels a touch thinner than the my TOJ lamb.







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Eh... Not really noticeable. Color looks great
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smh.... that can happen in a day just by wearing it, throw some conditioner on it. hide color varies piece by piece, even if from the same hide, its easier to see on lighter colors.
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That discoloration looks fantastic.  Please post some shots of the entire jacket/ or fit pics.

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The new CWU45 I received last week has been awesome. I wear it almost every day, even when its too hot. I've had random people comment on how mean the leather jacket looks. Upon first impression I was surprised it was brown. I thought the standard would be black. About a week after putting in my order I considered requesting a brown one. (Maybe Falcon read my mind?) I'm very happy with the brown color. My only complaint would be how nice the damn jacket looks. At times, I feel pretentious around my friends wearing such a sick jacket. 

One more note, would it be super cheesy to dress as a WWII pilot for Halloween just so I have an excuse to wear the bomber?

Thank you Falcon Garments. I can't wait to beat the shit out of this jacket so I'm forced to buy another one.

Whiskies on me brah!

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