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Thanks, well, time to do some chargebacks.

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Originally Posted by mementomoriarty View Post

From the UC Facebook group to tell the difference between the real and fake

-stitching on tags should be on four corners, not down sides/fully around the tag
-blue is more vivid on real ones
-there's a border around the hand print on fakes


I know there was a lot of those fake bomber jackets going around. 


for the tag stitching, which collections does that apply to? Are there any collections where the tags actually are stitched down the sides or all the way around?

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Those indicators were listed just for that bomber in particularly, I can't speak about any other UC fakes. 

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Had to pull my black/navy listing with $1k+ offers after finding out it's also fake, fuck.

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What William Blake painting is used on the UC pieces? Tried finding info on it but can't. I assume it's from one of his bible illustrations?
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The Witch of Endor Raising the Spirit of Samuel (1783), pen and watercolour on paper, 283 x 423 mm
NY Public library collection

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Sipang you are so good at this.
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OH MY GOD FUCKING THANK YOU sipang. I've spent...uh, several hours trying to find this, even knowing that at one point I knew this.
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