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Matches usually stocks 4's.
Edit: And so does Xhibition
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Resource infographs courtesy of the UC FB group. 

high quality source for dl:

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To accordion: Kokko me in vancouver carries UC as well.
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xpost from someone should buy but there's a black shearling coat from AW98 on yjp :



I liked the tag

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Which one do I keep if I have to sell one?


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Keep the black :slayer:

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Black for sure
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That MA1 looks to be last season, but that same seller has a bunch of fake Visvim for sale so be careful...
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Fake. listing says UCP1207 (which is indeed the rose bomber) but the tag says UCP4303, which is a men's topcoat, not a woman's bomber. Nominally FW15

The second appears to be legit, as far as I know. SS16, but from a pop-up, not the main collection.
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looks fake from the brand tag. sides are stitched when it shouldnt be... usually that uc style tag only has 4 stitches on each corner

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also that rose bomber was women's only and it came in a high sheen nylon not matte
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anyone know where to get this ucq9217 in size 4 black?

ive seen one on ebay/grailed but it was a fake. also sold out on



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Need a legit check. My listing for the green hand bomber on grailed was removed twice without explanation. I finally got an e-mail today saying the admins thought it was fake. I'm fairly certain it's not, but to make sure, these are the tags and care tags.






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From the UC Facebook group to tell the difference between the real and fake

-stitching on tags should be on four corners, not down sides/fully around the tag
-blue is more vivid on real ones
-there's a border around the hand print on fakes


I know there was a lot of those fake bomber jackets going around. 

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