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can we get an update on these?
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Originally Posted by poly800rock View Post
can we get an update on these?

I second this... more fit-pics, evolution pics, and "how much do they stretch" info would be super.
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I just put on my new Wings+ Horn selvedge denim, the fit is perfect. I also have a size 29 in Mocha but it needs tailoring since it's too big in the waist, thighs and hem. Should have went with a size 28 on that one.
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^ fit pics? And for reference, what do you wear in some other denim?
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I wear a 28 in Nudies SS and a 28 in APC Hipster, fit pics not available yet.
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Where do you pick this shit up? Is Mocha a denim color? What is the meaning of life?
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Peasant had them in stock but they're sold out now it seems, your best bet is the B&S forum. Mocha is the name stated on the tag, it's look sorta like a blend of grey, taupe and kiwi. Very nice peculiar color. I just need a pair of these in black to complete the circle.
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Ken, any updates on these? Anyone? Who even carries these? Fred Segal has W+H jeans, but not raw.
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Nomad carries W+H, including denim. But, they've sold out of alot of their F/W08 stock by now I would imagine... The had a slim-straight cut W+H denim in black, gray, and indigo - both raw and washed versions. Indigo (no selvedge) was $205 I think, black & grey (selvedge) were $275...
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I will have them for Spring 09
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nice. looking forward to that.
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crap, sorry... just saw this. I cemented the button header on and it's been fine since. I'll say I've worn these "moderately" to "semi-regularly." Repaired crotch. Normal stretching. g'day.
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thanks ken. they're starting to look nice.
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What kind of jacket are you wearing in the snow picture? Jeans look good btw.
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And the boots in the newer pics?
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