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Ferrell reed ties

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Gentlemen: I am having a hard time locating quality solid colour silk ties. During an Internet search I stumbled upon tiedeals.com who have a number of Ferrell Reed ties for sale. The name seems vaguely familiar but could anyone give me some informed opinion as to the quality of Reed's ties? I do not expect them to be on par with Talbott 7-Folds for example, but how do they compare to ties by people like Behar or Bolgheri?
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Ferrell Reed was a pretty hot name through the '80's and early '90's in up-dated traditional stores. Ferrell himself was a bold and charismatic figure with a collection of vintage cars and his headquarters in Colorado. In his day, Ferrell's line of tie, shirts, and squares rivaled Talbott in the up-dated market. I don't know exactly how or why the Ferrell Reed name ended up owned by Superba, a tie conglomerate in Los Angeles. Likewise, I haven't seen many of his ties in the usual stores for a while. Superba, by the way, makes ties under a zillion names including Tommy Hilfiger, Fumigali's, Arrow, Jones New York, DKNY, and Perry Ellis, all habitues of department store furnishings departments. Ferrell Reed. Ike Behar, Ted Baker, and Hart Schaffner and Marx make up a separate, higher quality division of Superba.
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That's interesting info, ROI. I have ties by Behar and Baker, and have recently seen HS& M ties at TJ Maxx. I suppose it's no shock they all retail at the $75 price point. I see Ferrell Reed ties thrifting all along. I'll have to add them to my "I'll consider it" list.
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Ferrell Reed ties can be had by the hundred at Filene's Basement (here in DC anyway) for a relatively cheap price -- @$20-25 IIRC. Some nice colors, though not as weighty fabric as I normally like.
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So they are pretty light weight? I prefer heavier, thicker ties...
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