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Hi Could you tell me if a XL is very large I would normally take a size large suit i.e 40" - 42" Jacket European size?I have a chance of purchasing a Sheepskin coat from,the sleeve measurement is 26" from top of sleeve to cuff.

Many thanks
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Sizing is hard to predict. I have a 42 (pictured in the OP) that I would consider snug for a 42. I recently bought a tagged 40 that I had to give to my father because it was so crazily huge. You need to ask them for a pit to pit measurement, although remember that with the interior shearling takes up quite a bit of room.
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I actually have a coat made by them purchased about 20 years ago, still looks like new, still fits and warm as all get out.  I purchased it during the off season in Fort Lauderdale at a place called Peter Glenn of Vermont (they have a number of stores and still in business).  At that time it sold for about $550.00 and I paid $250.00.  In today's market it would probably cost $1000 to $1200.  Hope that helps.

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I thrifted a made-in-Korea Sawyer today. Not shearling, but suede with part quilted, part wool lining, in a duffle style with hood. A truly fabulous coat, especially for what I paid, but I would have left it had I noticed country of origin tag before making the purchase--figured Sawyer equaled USA, so that's my bad. Oh well. It fits and the wife was impressed, which is hard to do. Alan is right about weird sizing. This one is tagged medium, which is bigtime vanity sizing, me being an honest 44.
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I didn't know they were out of business........ I have a beautiful leather/pig skin sleaves coat from them that i bought back 15+ yrs ago for $850.00 That is in perfect shape to this day and everytime i were it some one asks me were i got it. It is Medium Brown Body/ Dark Brown Sleaves/ Med Green Flap up the front. Dark Brown Sleaves are made of Pig Skin and very soft. Nice coat you have thier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't know what you payed for it but Proabley a Bargin...................................... Phil

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Hello All,


I hope this reply reaches all who reads it doing well. I came across this thread doing a search for Sawyer of Nappa Shearling coats. I recently purchased one on Ebay, and was struck of the level of quality and workmanship from the photos offered in the auction. I have included a few here for evaluation. Any comments would be very welcome.


Best regards, 













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I have a Sawyer shearling coat I bought at Kerrs's in Beverly Hills about 1973 (40 years old this year) and it is still in almost pristine condition.  I had to re-sew the horn  buttons due to disintegration of the thread used , but otherwise it's a wonderful , very warm coat.  The shearling lining on the inside of the pockets is especially nice in cold weather. You can't go wrong. Sorry to learn on this website that they've gone out of business.

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I just wanted to thank you for the excellent information.  I was thrift store shopping today and spotted this wonderful shearling coat on the rack... the labeling said XLG and I normally would have passed it off but the construction was fabulous and thought I'd give it a second glance. I am assuming my coat (yes, I snapped it up) must be quite vintage as I wear a size 6 and this full length beauty fits me like a glove. My girlfriend and I thought to Google search the company and so far, your post was the most informative.  

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No disresact to your "reliable" resources but Sawyer once upon a time was at the high-water mark of better Shearling coats in this country...

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Sounds like the meas. is wrong or was taken from the wrong postion...Should go from the nk. seam across the shoulder and down to the end of the cuff...

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