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For real. This show has had nothing of suspense, or noteworthy, illustrating the actual outbreak and ensuing sh*tstorm. It's all gone on away from the camera. Suddenly, after Travis' cardio, the whole world outside is dead. We've had hints soldiers are killing holed-up civilians, but nothing solid. We've had hints the off-site medical center is something diabolical, but really nothing to "prove" that.

This whole show is a bag of hot air.

And while Alicia is banging, she's sooooooooooooooo completely irrelevant, pouty, worthless, (fill in negative adjective here).

Blades is seriously the only person worth rooting for on this show.
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All right, things are looking up. Stringer Bell is a bit of a badass.
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Haven't watched it yet cuz I DL it illegally.

I am excite bounce2.gif
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Originally Posted by GreenFrog View Post

Haven't watched it yet cuz I DL it illegally.

I am excite bounce2.gif

You fucking...

Anyway, good episode, lots of action, things actually happen.
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First mini-episode of the Flight of the Dead from AMC.
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They need to display a fucking sense of urgency. Prancing around and sniffing the fuckign flowers everywhere they go ffs


and holy fucking lol at salazar when he walked in front of the soldiers.. the balls of steel on that motherfucker. strutting about with a MASSIVE WAVE of zombies right behind you. Fucker also tosses a cheeky remark before walking off the stage.
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Daniel the boss in front of that herd.

Finally something worth watching.
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I never thought a show could make me miss TWD, but there you go.



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Started watching this show after recording all episodes.  Can we agree that the characters are the dumbest ever? I´m in Episoded 2 and I see the fucking kid from ep 1 going back to school and asking for his knife back... Really? Don´t you have a home with dozens of knives like any other person? And he´s one of the few that understands what´s happening...  And why the hell doesn´t anyone react accordingly to fucked up situations? Travis runs over his friend/dealer 2 times, dude has half his face off and is still alive and they all think it´s some virus that "makes them violent"... The stupid mom saw that, but at the school she sees the principal or whatever in the same condition and says "we´ll get you help"... uh, I could write 100000 words on the stupid decisions they make in just one episode. /rant

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It's just a mess.

Fortunately, Rick & Co saved me last night
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Season 2 premieres in a week.

In other videos, we get to see sum ocean zombies.
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Chris needs to die.
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Very pleased to say I didn't even bother watching this last night.
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It sucked. Slow all throughout, the irritating characters got even more irritating, and the plot device at the end (trying not to spoil) was the result of such idiotic behavior that the viewer ends up disgusted, not enthralled.

IMO the show has two fatal flaws - it's boring in that "nothing happens why the fuck am I still watching" way. And it has this ensemble cast where virtually everyone is impossible to root for
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Man, you just hit the nail. The characters suck, you really have no one to side with, they´re all boring and/or dumb. This season premiere was boring as fuck... The silver lining is that it looks like something IS gonna happen next week. I mean, it can´t get more dull than this. 

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