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Flight Deals within Canada

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Can someone tell me how to get good deals on domestic flights. Searching places like leads to reasonable deals for international flights, but domestic flights are ridiculously expensive. For example, Victoria to Saskatoon is $700 while I could do Victoria to London for $1050, or Victoria to JFK for $520 (all for mid-Feb. as a test case). I know one person who works for Air Canada, but I don't know her well enough to ask to checkout their database to flights that I could easily travel stand-by.

Beyond simple hating my country's lack of competition and the rules require foreign airlines to have to either depart or arrive in foreign country, how do I get good deals? Also, good sources for international flights?
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Um...Air Canada is having a 50% off domestic seat sale today (Dec 5th)
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There aren't any deals; there's just not enough competition/market to drive prices down. 33 M people spread sporatically across 5 1/2 time zones just cannot substain a healthy airline market. Your only real options are Air Canada and Westjet.

For international there keep an eye on cheap charters to the UK from Vancouver on carriers like Zoom (UK-based).
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overall, there are few
westjet is the only competition to air canada (and limited at that) and their prices are usually better than air canada

jan-march is pretty cheap to fly
try the individual airline websites as they usually have better deals than what kayak or travelocity or orbitz etc display

you can also try flying to a usa city and finding better ticket prices out of there than canadian cities (i fly out of detroit to europe and asia because i can get better prices than out of toronto)
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Thanks, I will content myself with getting screwed by my location . And thanks for the heads up regarding Air Canada's seat sale; though I didn't use it my friend is visiting his daughter for just over a hundred.
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Easy: 1. Drive down to nearest US airport. 2. Fly. 3. Avoid cowtowns like Saskatoon.
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Westjet no longer does seat sales as far as I understand.
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I just flew out of Buffalo for $108.
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Originally Posted by unjung View Post
Westjet no longer does seat sales as far as I understand.
Really? That hurts to hear, I was counting on grabbing a 99+ fees flight to Montreal in sept like I do pretty much every year. Guess it won't be too bad.
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Sorry to say but other than Toronto -> Van or Cal, other routes are too sparse to really give any big discounts.
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