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The new collar-popping...

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I guess one of the new trends is a plain shirt, but with a contrasting, patterned collar band and inside cuff. I've seen it as a white shirt, with a very wide cutaway collar, and a small four-in-hand knot, and it looked quite stylish. But I was in a department store the other day, and one of the guys behind the counter was wearing one of these shirts, white, striped collar band, with a narrow point collar. Now, this shirt must have been designed to be worn with an open collar, no tie, but this guy had a tie in there, in a big Windsor, skewed really far to the left, with the right collar point strategically flipped up so I could see the contrasting band. I said to the guy "Your collar's a little crooked, there. Might want to fix it, before your supervisor yells at you." You wouldn't believe the look I got. Anyone have a better 'stupid look'?
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I sometimes flip up one collar of my casual, work or military style shirts in homage to Ezra Pound's style - no other reason. Certainly wouldn't do it with a constructed collared shirt.
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