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Balenciaga menswear

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I have just noticed that the well-known couture house is doing menswear. However, i havent seen any of the goods. Any of you guys happend to see what I'm missing out on or not?
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i have had a few piece of balenciaga for resale (2 sweaters, 4 pants and a few outer pieces). they seem pretty good, though the sweaters seemed to run small, as i tried on the XL to gauge the fit and it was really small, more like a small Large.
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Good stuff - great simple designs. As discostu004 pointed out, the sizes are extraordinarily small. Put it this way, in their shirts, a 42 fits quite tight (not just fitted) and I am 5'11" and 170 lbs, and usually wear a 40R, or a 38R in a lot of American sizes. Yep, really tight clothes.
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I posted about Balenciaga about a year ago. They sell it at Barneys and to be honest, I'm not all that enthralled with it. I just saw the spring collection for Balenciaga this past weekend and am still not won over. Maybe I'm just missing something? It seems like overpriced grunge wear to me...(no offense to anyone.)
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