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Originally Posted by lawyerdad View Post
I'm not a big fan of Hillary, and I certainly would never want to dress like that guy, but I have to say that folks around here are way to eager to find reasons to cut off their own genitalia.

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woooooooo you told him jetblast!
I'm not trying to tell him off, m@t is correct that I overreacted given the situation.

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I fell into this for a while, again i echo others where some of it is useful while some is pointless/obvious/whatever. I enjoyed it immensely if I'm honest...

I'm wasn't a nerd or useless with women prior and i found that i improved socially, with the obvious benefit's. Mystery Method really felt like a chore though, it really felt like you were performing with it's negs and DHV's...

I found the Juggler stuff much better and more suited to me, it's more grounded in reality and fitted in more with my natural state. It's about being interesting and interested as opposed to following rules and structures, it's more spontaneous and your feel more yourself. If anyone wants his eBook PM and I'll happily send it on...

Each to their own though, some of this stuff must help people who have difficulty for whatever reason. If you're rubbish at football you seek advice or coaching to improve, same with pulling i guess...


P.s I agree with a poster earlier, never meet up with other PUA's as i did...
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Here's one man's strategy for dating in NYC.
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What's the AC Method?
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Originally Posted by v0rtex View Post
But how does one become refined in the first place? Refinement implies a process of education and experience.

These ideologies (as you call them) are one route to that knowledge. In the past it might've been passed down by fathers or society, but in the modern world of single parent families and political correctness it's harder to find such knowledge - the PUA stuff is what has cropped up in response to that.

It's inexact and mostly bullshit, but the fact that it is so wildly popular in certain subsets of young men (yes, socially inept nerds) shows that there is a strong desire for this knowledge and an inability to find it anywhere else.

Great post. A lot of the negative comments seem to be arguments from incredulity: 'there's no way i believe that works!'. The others are from people who don't need it at all and decry the 'losers' who do. Your post pretty much sums up my feelings, not everyone is great with women, they need to be taught. And what better way for nerds to learn than on the internet.

Personally I found the 'community' back in 2002(3?) from slashdot no less (nerd alert). I never seriously got into it so im not sure how far the rabbit hole goes so to speak. But it did teach me a few things:

1. Confidence - the site gave me an ego.
2. To take pride in ones appearance
3. How to attract and flirt with women

These lessons have made me more successful with women by far, and happier with myself in general. And while you debate the effectiveness of the 'Methods' remember that although the main goal of these sites is to help guys attract and sleep with women, the consequence of that is your fellow man is becoming fitter, more confident, more stylish and most of all happier. I think that's something we can all relate to trying to acheive.
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