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For Sale:
oldworld pants

Will Ship To: Anywhere

preorders for aw2015-2016

all Оctober-November orders will be processed before the 1st of December

oldworld pants

simple and clear 4-pocket sartorial pants. I doesn't offer you some anatomical atlas like Devoa or some CCP-esque apotheosis in the shape of legwear. It's just functional and durable slim trousers that will be made by your measurements from variety of vintage fabrics processed to last forever:

1) linen/hemp from after-WWII soviet army stocks of 1946 (lined with poplin)
2) heavy Portuguese sail canvas from 1916-1920 (lined with poplin)
3) mid-weight cotton canvas from 1970
4) lightweight linen/ramie Mongolian military tent from 1952-1956

5) 1967 nisshimbo selvedge denim

unlined or lined with 1980 balavigna mills vatican poplin

I need to know your waist, inseam and hem preferences, rise and hip width (or your most beloved pants measurements). 
I could made it with silvers hooks, handcarved horn buttons or coil-burnt plastic buttons from the late 50s. 
You want something special? Just tell me. 


displayed in linen/ramie

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