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Do you iron a crease in your shirt sleeves? - Page 2

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Sleeves yes, cuffs no.
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For a short time sleeves yes, cuffs no.
Today: sleeves no, cuffs no. Now I need more time for each shirt
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Originally Posted by AlanC View Post
No. I specifically try to avoid it.
Same here, simply don't like it.
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Sleeves yes, cuffs no.
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An iron never touches the sleeves of my shirt. Maybe it's because all my shirts are OTR, but given how much extra fabric there is in the sleeves they get all bunched up anyway. I think it's more aesthetically pleasing for them to bunch up randomly than in weird folds. Similarly, since my shirts are cheap they all have fused cuffs. I don't recall the last time a cuff was wrinkled and creases look horrible in them.
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No, unless I'm in a serious hurry to use that shirt, because ironing them with a crease is much faster than trying to avoid doing it. I'd never put a crease in a cuff though - good way to wear it out early.
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no i dont crease my shirt sleeves.
my wife creases them.
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Originally Posted by texas_jack View Post
OT: I recently had sleeves shortened on a suit and the jacket came back with a crease at the end of the sleeves. I kind of like it. I notice Prince Charles sometimes has this.

Like his left sleeve here

Looks to me in the pic like Prince Charles is wearing a French cuffed shirt.

No creases anywhere other than my collar. Recently started following Alex Kabazz's detailed description, and I've found it makes my sleeves nice and rounded and my collars stand up sharply.

What kind of sleeve boards do those who use them have? I have this little one from BB&B, but I find it a bit awkward and therefore inefficient. Curious as to others.
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I crease my sleeves, and I crease the shoulder up to the collar. It forms a crisp unbroken line from the collar to the cuff that is pleasing to my eyes.
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Originally Posted by Holdfast View Post
Sleeves yes, cuffs no.

My laundry evidently disagrees with me... I only rarely give my shirts to be laundered, preferring to do them myself, but recent laziness meant I collected 14 shirts and I couldn't face ironing them all so gave them to be cleaned. They came back with annoying creases in the cuffs. Ah well, I guess they'll fade next time I wash them...
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No, unless I'm trying to do something special. Not a fan of the look at all, it looks like you either went to a Korean dry cleaner (hopefully sans scorching) or don't know how to iron your shirts. Even when in a hurry, I can still manage to not crease the sleeves without the use of a sleeve board.
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No creases on any of my shirts unless there brand spanking new and they are the creases that came with them because:

1. The creases wear out and new wrinkles will form over the day of moving around. So unless you remain perfectly still, it eventually looks unnatural.

2. I usually have a jacket or sweater over top so it hides the sleeves.

3. I wear a dress shirt almost everyday and it doesn't make sense for me to iron each time. It would look great, imo, but it would wear out my sleeves. I steam out the creases and that's it.
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I iron in a crease because it's easier than being careful not to do so and it never lasts anyway.
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A long sleeve shirt should NEVER be creased. But I can understand why someone would crease the sleeves of a shirt that they hand iron at home. You don't have the equipment with the correct curvature that you'd find in a professional shirt laundry. What I can't understand is why someone would accept a shirt produced by a "professional shirt laundry" that has a sharp crease from shoulder to cuff and even, sometimes, in the cuff itself. A professionally laundered shirt should be rolled and NEVER creased. So why do dry cleaners kick out shirts with creased sleeves that they call "hand finished shirts" or even "hand ironed shirts"? Simply this: to cover up the evidence that the shirt has actually been MACHINE PRESSED -- typically at the rate of 40 to 50 per hour. For more on this subject.... Blog post: When a hand ironed laundered shirt isn't hand ironed't hand-ironed.aspx W
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