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How to date oxxford suits?

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This topic isn't about going on a date with an Oxxford suit, sorry for the disapointment. I'm just wondering, though, if there is any way to find the date of an Oxxford suit. I have two that I am going to sell on ebay. One is navy blue, one is medium gray. Both are 3-button. The inside tag says 'Gotham' as I recall, but I don't have the suits with me now, so I can't check the tag for any other numbers. Is there another tag, with a set of numbers, from which I'd be able to find the date of manufacture?
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I've seen several dated on the inside pocket (right side). Certain models like the Gibbons and Renaissance have been around since...forever, so it's very difficult to date these without the tag verification. koji
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No easy answers - there is the old embroidered rectangular tag vs. the new squarer printed one (I think that changed in the early to mid 90's.) Also, some suits are obviously ancient because of the cut. But seriously, there are some Oxxford models that have not changed for a LONG time. A good thing really, as you can get a deal on an older suit and it will not look vintage. Very conservative, but not vintage.
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The best way I can think of is to ask really nicely, and compliment them often. Pick up lines rarely work, though comments like "Wow, thats some nice stitching" or "your lapel is quite beautiful" score bigtime. Oh and I would do this while the store manager is not looking, I think they get jealous. Scot
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