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Unusual nwt travel jacket...

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Interesting, to say the least.  I'm pretty sure this is based on a very vintage design from the 1960s, on Savile Row.  I'm sure it is extremely functional....
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Clearly, one can never have too many pockets, haha. koji
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I guess, Foxx, that you're asking for advice. My own feeling is that, if you have ask for advice, you shouldn't buy the item (e.g. my own recent posts on Borrelli pants). From what I've seen of your photos on this forum, you like unfussy clothes (solid ties and shirts) and this is a quite complicated, dressier version of the old bush jackets somewhat popular in the '60s. I had one back then and didn't know whether it was a sport jacket (with tie, even) or a golf jacket. Brioni may well be your favorite, but still..
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I saw this jacket at Filene's Basement in D.C. on the clearance rack. I think it was selling for about $250, and it stayed there for quite a while (people weren't exactly fighting each other to get to it). In fact, I think there were a couple of them. I tried it on and thought it looked absolutely ridiculous. It actually looks better in the picture than it does in person. I imagine you'd get a lot of stares if you wore it, but certainly not appreciative ones. Of course, as with anything else, if you like it, would wear it and can afford it, you should get it.
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Personally, I think it's pretty ugly. If it weren't Brioni, would you even consider it?
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I too saw it at the Filene's in DC. They had a bunch of them, and still do now (been about 3 months since they got in a huge shipment of Brioni), though I don't recall the price asked. It's just sort of odd/unusual.
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If it were $5.00, I might buy it just to see my wife and daughter laugh themselves into tears all night.
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It's fine for the safari.
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But think of the money saved on the obviated Attache Case...
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But think of the money saved on the obviated Attache Case...
I could obviate the need for an apartment with closets with that jacket.
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Would look good if you were lanky and tall, paired with jeans and sneakers - or if you were a bonafide rockstar. Or maybe just bonafide. Development does a pretty good job with these military/safari style jackets for a lot less, as does Unis and Cloak. Note that none of these labels appeal to the same demographic that Brioni does. I would think that the typical Brioni wearer would look just tragic in this jacket. Sorry Foxx, I've seen your pictures, and you are a handsome guy, but this jacket is not for you.
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Wasn't Michael Jackson wearing this in a recent video?
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Keep in mind, guys, I'm a 42reg or 42short, so not only would this jacket never fit me, would never FIT me, either. I posted it purely for conversation, or perhaps for some 44reg that might (by a sartorial power greater than my own, or maybe someone who travels ALL THE TIME??) be able to somehow wear it.
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I'll see your jacket and raise you one... Note the ability of your very own PAN, Personal Area Network. Just make sure you are properly grounded in case of rain and shorts... JJF
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That is indeed an exact copy of a vintage Brioni design. There is a pic of the original in one of my books, can't remember which one though.
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