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Where to find the 'rules of the board'?

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Besides the obvious -- no flaming or uncivil talk, etc. -- are specific posting guidelines/rules for styleforum.net enumerated somewhere? I'm not a vendor, but I believe that in one thread or another, I saw a reference to there being restrictions on vendors promoting themselves or something to that effect, so I assumed that a comprehensive list of rules exists, though I haven't been able to find one. If there are specific rules or guidelines, and they're not already codified somewhere, would the elderstatesmen among you be so kind as to relate what they are? Much thanks.
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There are no real codified set of rules, except for the general consensus that all commercial traffic (ads, want-to-buys) etc... are contained to the "Buying and Selling" section, and that there is to be no cursing in the thread titles (judicious swearing in the body of the thread is okay, though, in moderation.) Otherwise, it is enough to behave like a gentleman should.
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Newbies should resist the urge to fly off the handle at perceived slights from established members whose posting styles they do not know. Established members should avoid cruel and/or sarcastic replies to newbies' questions. I think following these two rules would avoid much of the unpleasantness that has cropped up over the past week or so.
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Another rule that doesn't come up too often: Don't refer to other members by name or forum 'handle' in a topic title unless your post is obviously positive. Examples of "obviously positive" would be thanking a specific member for a smooth transaction or help with an issue, congratulations, etc. I wrote out quite a bit on the rules in response to a kalra thread but I'll have to find it. It would be a good idea to get all the rules codified because obviously some people's concept of gentlemanly behavior differs from mine.
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