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Odd question maybe but do the neck sizes of Lacoste polos run large? Even the neck's collar circumference on my size 3s seem to be designed for a person twice my weight. Actually to me it seems the collar circumference remains the same no matter what the size. I hate putting on those blasted shirts and having to readjust the collar throughout the day because it slips to one side or the other and reveals half my neck. Or am I just crazy..?
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Lacoste shirts aren't made in France anymore but I'm not so sure that's a bad thing.  The most recent one I bought doesn't have the huge neck like the other ones I have. I'm partial to the Lacoste logo because it seems less common and seems more "vintage," but I think its becoming more and more prevalent. I don't think that the fabric is any more luxurious than the polo blue labels.  Though the mother of pearl buttons are a nicer alternative. Polo's custom fits are excellent.  They fit me exceptionally well.  They wash well and the side seems don't scew like my Lacoste ones.
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Having never owned a polo shirt before - except as part of my old school's sports uniform - I recently picked up three for the upcoming Australian summer. One from a local brand, one custom slim-fit from RL, and one from United Colors of Benetton. The Benetton polo actually compares quite favorably to the RL - same slim fit, nice color, equally nice fabric, and about half the price. The only possible downside is that the Benetton placket has no buttons or buttonholes - but it's a very short placket, so it doesn't make a difference when compared to the RL slim-fit, on which I leave all the buttons open anyway. EDIT: Voted Polo, if only because of the two, only the custom slim-fit is short and slim enough to fit me properly.
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Hi, i'm new here and i'm french so sorry for my bad english (it is possible i'm making big mistakes..&#33 but i hope you'll understand me. to me Lacoste is better than RL...perhaps because i'm french. i have more than 20 lacoste polos(new & vintage from my grand father) and they are great. the thing you must know is that in France those two brands are very popular among the "racaille" (i don't know how to translate it but just to explain it is young ppl that live in council flat and are mostly from North Africa...i'm sure you know what i mean..&#33 but they wear fakes. the most horrible thing is they wear lacostes with trainers and Nike sneakers it's just horrible.... herk.
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I encourage everyone to try Paul Stuart's polos. You can get em with or without a logo, and cost only $55. IMO, quality equal to Lacoste. Run very full...go with one size down.
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Originally Posted by LA Guy,04 Oct. 2004, 07:55
I hate both companies. There should be an additional choice on the poll.
What do you know of Morphine Generation? I'm told I can buy their polos over the phone, but I'd like some feedback before I buy anything sight unseen. Sizing? Average price? (They have a cool logo, though.)
I find it very interesting that you would bring up MG (they're popularity is not significant, even in the country of their origin, yet you know of them so far away?). If ever there was a polo that I didn't detest, it was a Morphine Generation polo... The fit is slim, so you can order in your normal size for a good fit, and the collar is a very nice quality that pops well (hey, that's what it's meant for), and overall does a good job in being a fashionable antagonism to the standard polo trend. Oh, and lastly, they run about $110 each if my memory serves me rightly.
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