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Marc jacobs

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Can anyone comment on the quality and style of Marc Jacobs?
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I generally like his work for Vuitton better than his private-label stuff. That said, the quality's pretty good. His Marc diffusion line, by contrast, isn't my idea of quality fabrics or tailoring. Peace, JG
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i would agree with joe g the quality is there, the styling isn't all that exciting especially with his own line, the vuitton line seems to be styled to a higher caliber but that may have to do with that being a primary focus given the vuitton name being attached to it and all that that entails ........ overall i don't think he's the greatest of designers though
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I agree. I've always liked what I saw of his LV collection. Although, I've never bought anything b/c the stuff is too damn expensive. I also wonder why there isn't a wider distribution of it. In the US, it's only available it 2 or 3 LV boutiques in the entire country. For his signature like, I've liked some stuff, but disliked more. I've really made an effort to like him because everyone talks about him as *the* hottest designer out there. His clothes look too "thrift shop" to me. The quality, I would say, is excellent, however. The cashmere is really excellent, and so is the mercerized cotton. Also, one thing I've noticed is that I really like his button down shirts. Marc Jacobs places the buttons at exactly the right place. For his "MJ" line, he makes really good jeans. But I've never really look at any of the other stuff.
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