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One other note, many IWC watches also use the ETA 2892 (which isn't a bad thing at all)
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Rolex does make their own movements, and they are quite good.  If you read the article I posted earlier, it discusses the Rolex vs Patek vs JLC vs Breitling (modified ETA 2892) movements.
they make their movements but they are very basic, not trimmed and not complicated
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hmm, dunno about uncomplicated...
complications = date chronopraph, fly back quantieme perpetuel tourbillon world time heure sautante Rolex makes only date, simple chrono (before it was Zenith) or GMT 80% of their watches have only date So their movement are neither complicated nor beautiful : No cotes de Geneves....
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Ernest is right (by the way - nice JLC&#33 -- all mechanical watches are "complicated," but complications have a specific definition in the world of watches and Rolii don't use many. Rolexes are truly the ferragamo of the watch world - a huge marketing machine that has created a mass-market, safe product. Remember the phrase "no one ever got fired for buying IBM," it's a similar instance here - no one will doubt your wealth when they see you wearing a Rolex (for 'gamo). However, a connoseur will know the difference.
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One interesting note, I was taking a look at Timezone and saw a Seiko Credor watch (which is a higher end Seiko line available more or less only in the Japanese market, they start around $1k) with their new spring movement, that has constant movement, i.e. it moves with the flywheel of the spring, constantly, not 1/5 sec like most automatics. I did a little research and their higher end watches appear to be very nice... although relatively pricey, between $1-8k for the Credor and $2-15k for the Grand Seiko.
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You bought a Pilot Watch Chrono Automatic for $1700 shipped?[quote] Yes, but I bought it second hand (it´s model 3706 and the serial number indicates 1998 manufacture). It did cost about $40 more for shipping and handling, and it has a strap rather than the more expensive bracelet. I spent another $30 for a new leather strap. Yes, I know that IWC begins with a Valjoux 7750, but most watchmakers/WIS concur that IWC modifies it so extensively that is becomes effectively an in-house movement. I would second a Jaeger LeCoultre, and would recommend the Master series for dressing up. The mechanism, casework and overall quality are excellent. However, I believe its price is a bit above the mentioned range. If your clothing tastes run to classic, a vintage watch might make sense. There are many uncluttered styles, and the initial outlay doesn´t have to be very high. But make sure you are buying from a reliable seller and that the watch has been serviced. is again a good place to search.
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I would venture that Breitling does at least as much modification with Kelek (their in house movement division) than IWC does with the 7750, isn't Valjoux owned by Breitling anyways?
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Were Breitling and Rollex connected at one time please? I recall a jeweler friend always referring to Breits as Rollexes' "big brother". Thanks, John P.S> out of curiousity does anyone have any thoughts on Invicta? I read recentlly in an article about these proliferation of "home shopping channels" that a certain model of Invicta was supposedly the most popular watch in the world today. I think the model was Lupah or Lumpha (?). Supposedly it is the choice of movie stars , millionaires and watch afficiacondos alike. "Swiss movement made just across the border from Switzerland" Sounded a bit to propagandish to me. Too, I was not impressed by the picture of the watch itself.
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Here is the information on Invictia from TZ: Rolex vs. Invicta? The reason this comparison comes up so often is that Invicta makes watches that are based directly on Rolex designs. At a glance, they are similar. However, Invicta, unlike a fake, is branded under their own name and use their own movements. They are very cheap. The general consensus on the forum is that if someone is considering buying a fake Rolex for the look, they should buy an honest, cheap Invicta instead. As for Breitling and Rolex, they aren't related afaik. Both are high quality watch manufacturers who make high quality watches. Breitling chooses to use movements that are modified by its in house company Kelek while Rolex manufactures their own, both are great.
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My next question is, if you could have only one watch for casual and formal occasions, what would you have? (Picture would be nice)
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Here are some pictures of a few watches that may work for your purposes: Breitling Crosswind Special: This is probably my favorite watch that I own. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore: I love this watch too, got this as a gift, and don't wear it too often, but it is an awesome watch. IWC Aquatimer: A great dive watch, I have this in Ti. Rolex Seadweller: I don't have one of these, but if I was going to buy a Rolex, this would be the one, very clean IMO. Rolex Daytona: Another watch I got as a gift, but don't wear too often, would work in both casual and dressy environments IMO.
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My next question is, if you could have only one watch for casual and formal occasions, what would you have? (Picture would be nice)
The Blancpain Aqua Lung.  I am well past the point of owning only one watch, but if I had to choose only one to keep, it would be this one.
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If you are looking for something that has a hint of tank while still being understated there is a very nice watch by Tiffany & Co. called the Mark Coupe. It has straight walls but the top and bottom have a slight rounding to it. Now please note I own this watch so maybe i am biased - but i always get compliments on it. i'd post an image but i'm not that web savy.
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Drizzt - I am exceptionally jealous of your AP, it's my favorite of the ones you've shown. The Royal Oak is near the top of my list for watch purchases over the next few years.
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