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What do you think of these frye boots?

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Hey everyone, I thought these boots were pretty nice in the gaucho color, but i'd like to know what everyone thinks. Do you think the heel is too big for normal everyday use, since most of the shoes i've worn have had close to no heel whatsoever. http://www.fryeboots.com/subpage....oPage=1 Hope to hear your opinions.
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i ordered those exact boots and they fit HORRIBLY. sent them back ASAP. didn't feel good anywhere and were way too wide.
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The heel doesn't look too high to me at all.
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I have found that Frye boots run narrow, not wide. Additionally, while some models are very well made, others are not. The harness boots that you are looking at are not very well made in my opinion. They are oiled, which puts them in the category of "work boots" to me, and they are unlined. The gaucho color is nice, but that's about it. If you buy these boots, I suspect that the rear harness strap will be dragging on the ground in a matter of months. -Tom
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I'm actually wearing these boots today. I love them. They take a while to break in though. I like the styling so much that I don't really care about the quality. Which, isn't THAT bad. Buy some boot socks if you're going to get these.
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Had a similar pair in the mid 70's (could have been Frye's...), when they were fairly popular. I was about 15 and wearing them made me feel like a badass. But then alas, I am no badass. Anymore.
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I have that boot in black oiled leather with the taller shaft. Got them years ago, wore them yesterday to an (long) art event with a black pinstripe DB suit. I looked great, although, granted, I was not trying to emulate the style of my private banker. Walked and stood for over eight hours and came home with comfy feet. This always happens when I wear those Frye's. As I recall they took a while to break in, but now I consider them my most comfortable street/urban footwear. The straps are still acceptably taut. Plus -- an added bonus -- since they seem like they're hard to remove, you can make quite a game of it when your date helps you off with your boots. Not that I would ever consider that sort of thing myself.
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