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Zanetti suits at costco

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Just wondered what anyone thought of these italian Zanetti suits at Costco (Scroll down to find the suit link) They seem OK from the description, but what does everyone else think? To be honest, I'm not really looking for a suit right now, and we're closing on our new house in two weeks, so all my money is fairly tied up, but I thought I'd point these out for anyone else who might be looking? Bradford
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Wow.. I am looking at buying a laptop from them. The cool thing is anything you buy online can be returned to their stores and they usually take returns no questions asked. Looks like pretty good prices, I wonder what they mean by "American Cut".
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I wonder what they mean by "Beeson pockets."
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I bought two Zanetti suits back in '98/'99 I think- way before my book- and Style Forum- inspired education on tailored clothing. I thought they were a good deal because they were made from Zegna cloth. However I soon learned otherwise- very poor construction, one the chest pieces bubbled almost immediately. Unless they're selling them for $150-200, I'd demur...
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Zanetti suits have been spoken about here before -- the general consensus has been- "you get what you pay for."
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These suits are very poor quality. I would recomend that rather than you spending your money, save it and wait untill you can buy something a bit more practical. Something that will last longer for you.
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