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Elbow patches + patch pockets...

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...on a Scabal Trend ref. 800582 (wool+cashmere+silk) basically grey sport coat?
I found this cloth when looking through my tailors books while waiting for the fitting of my last bespoke suit. I liked it so much that I am thinking ordering a sport coat, in spite of having slightly exceeded my "clothing budget" for 2007. I suggested brown flannel trousers to go with it, and my tailor showed me a nice-looking cloth by Loro Piana (Saxony and Flannels, ref. 259037).
Now, he suggested patch pockets for the sport coat. That is new for me, but I guess it would look nice. The cloth is grey, but with "mixed-in" spots of other colours, and it lokes very "casual", in spite of being very "fine" and "smooth" (maybe because of the silk and cashmere).
However, he also suggested suede elbow patches, maybe in brown. For me, that was a bit too much. I hardly ever leave the city, and when I leave the city, it is for hiking and then I wear technical mountain wear (gore-tex jacket, etc.). Elbow patches is something I associate with going hunting with the Prince of Edinburgh, not something I am likely to do in a near future.
Any thougths on elbow patches? When are they appropriate? Do they require certain accessories? Do they require certain kinds of buttons? Wool ties rather than silk ties?
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For me, patch pockets are the sine qua non of an odd jacket. You will like the way you look. I guarantee it.

As far as elbow patches - my preference would be to apply the patches when they are earned, and not so much as a prophylaxis against wear.

Wool ties will complement the jacket and trousers well. I have also seen some great cashmere and cotton and silk blended casual ties.

Horn buttons would look great. To me, leather buttons are best suited to tweed suitings.
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I like patch pockets, with flaps, on blazers and tweed jackets. I did have one blazer made with a patch breast pocket and some pockets squares do not fit too well, otherwise I like the look.

Not sure about the elbow patches - think that is a matter of personal preference but if you go that way I would suggest that they are close to the color of the jacket so they don't draw too much attention.

Cheers, Jim.
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Thank you. It seems that elbow patches are not received with great enthusiasm. I guess I will have to say no to my tailor, but comfort him with the idea that I may ask him to put them on in the future, after reaching an appropriate wear of the elbows.
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Any suggestions for elbow patches on linen suits?



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Originally Posted by bpwillet View Post

Any suggestions for elbow patches on linen suits?





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Sounds like a bad idea
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