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Question on washing suede

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Hi everyone, new here. Last month after much debate I hand washed a saddle color suede backpack and a saddle color suede tote/ shopping bag using baby shampoo. Both items dried darker. I washed the backpack first. It has a brown nylon lining and I noticed the water was darkish when I pulled it out. I'm wondering if you think that the lining or perhaps the suede bled? Then I immersed the tote in the same water (probably a mistake) and it is darker as well now, even though the backpack was originally lighter than the tote. Similarily, last year I had a suede jacket (also saddle color) that needed spot cleaning so I took it to a specialist who said that the entire garment would possibly be darker if he cleaned it. Comments/ experience? Thanks.
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I had several suede jackets that became mildewed. I washed them one at a time with Woolite on the delicate cycle. I dried them in the drier on soften them. They all came out with a nice stone-washed patina. Of course, I would never try this with my Brioni or Loro Piana suede coats, but washing did bring back to life jackets that were declared ruined by one and all.
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Never never never never wash suede, and if you do, take it to the best cleaner you can find. Generally, however, no matter who does it suede always gets ruined by cleaning... especially good suede. If you are in NY, take it to Meurice Garment Care, as they are probably the best cleaners in NY. But even with them, I'd hesitate before washing suede.
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